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Psalm 39

2 I said, “I will be watchful of my ways,

 for fear I should sin with my tongue.

 I will put a curb on my lips

 when the wicked man stands before me.”

 3 I was mute, silent, very still,

 as my pain became intense.

4 My heart was burning within me.

 At the thought of it, the fire blazed up,

 and my tongue burst into speech:

 5 “O LORD, you have shown me my end,

 how short is the length of my days.

 Now I know how fleeting is my life.

6 How short the span of days you have given me;

 my life is as nothing in your sight.

 Surely all mankind stands as but a breath.

 7 A man surely lives as a shadow,

 surely the riches he hoards, a mere breath;

 he does not know who will gather them.”

8 And now, Lord, what is there to wait for?

 In you rests all my hope.

 9 Set me free from all my sins;

 do not make me the taunt of the fool.

 10 I was silent, not opening my lips,

 because this was all your doing.

11 Take away your scourge from me.

 I am crushed by the blows of your hand.

 12 With rebukes you correct the sinner;

 like a moth you devour all he treasures.

 All mankind is no more than a breath.

13 O LORD, give heed to my prayer;

 turn your ear to my cry;

 do not be deaf to my weeping.

 Behold, I am a stranger to you,

 a pilgrim, like all my forebears.

14 Look away from me that I may smile

 before I depart to be no more.

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