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Psalm 35

1 Contend, O LORD, with my contenders;

 fight those who fight me.

 2 Take up your buckler and shield;

 arise in my defense.

3 Take up the javelin and the spear

 against those who pursue me.

 Say to my soul, “I am your salvation.”

4 Let those who seek my life

 be shamed and disgraced.

 Let those who plan evil against me

 be routed in confusion.

5 Let them be like chaff before the wind;

 let the LORD’s angel trip them up.

 6 Let their path be slippery and dark;

 let the LORD’s angel pursue them.

7 Unprovoked, they have hidden a net for me;

 they have dug a pit for me.

 8 Let ruin fall upon them,

 and take them by surprise.

 Let them be caught in the net they have hidden;

 let them fall in their own pit.

9 Then my soul shall rejoice in the LORD,

 and exult in his salvation.

 10 All my bones will say,

 “LORD, who is like you

 who rescue the weak from the strong

 and the poor from the oppressor?”

11 Lying witnesses arise,

 asking me questions I cannot understand.

 12 They repay me evil for good;

 my soul is forlorn.

13 When they were sick I dressed in sackcloth,

 afflicted my soul with fasting,

 and with prayer ever anew in my heart,

 14 as for a brother, a friend.

 I went as though mourning a mother,

 bowed down with grief.

15 Now that I stumble, they gladly gather;

 they gather, and mock me.

 I myself do not know them,

 yet strangers tear at me ceaselessly.

 16 They provoke me with mockery on mockery,

 and gnash their teeth at me.

17 O LORD, how long will you look on?

 Rescue my life from their ravages,

 my soul from these lions.

 18 Then I will thank you in the great assembly;

 amid the mighty throng I will praise you.

19 Do not let my lying foes

 rejoice over me.

 Do not let those who hate me without cause

 wink eyes at each other.

20 They speak no peace to the quiet ones

 who live in the land.

 Rather, they make deceitful plots,

 21 and, with mouths wide open,

 they utter their cry against me:

  “Yes, yes! Our eyes have seen it!”

22 O LORD, you have seen; do not be silent;

 Lord, do not stand afar off!

 23 Awake! And stir to my defense,

 to my cause, O my God and my Lord!

24 Vindicate me, LORD, my God,

 in accord with your justice;

 and let them not rejoice over me.

25 Do not let them think in their hearts,

 “Yes, we have won.”

 Do not let them say,

 “We have destroyed him!”

26 Let them be shamed and brought to disgrace

 who rejoice at my misfortune.

 Let them be covered with shame and confusion

 who raise themselves against me.

27 Let them exult and be glad

 who delight in my deliverance.

 Let them say without end,

 “Great is the LORD who delights

 in the peace of his servant.”

28 Then my tongue shall speak of your justice,

 and all day long of your praise.

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