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Psalm 7

2 O LORD, my God, I take refuge in you.

 Save and rescue me from all my pursuers,

 3 lest they tear me apart like a lion,

 and drag me off with no one to rescue me.

4 If I have done this, O LORD, my God,

 5 if I have paid back evil for good,

 I who saved my unjust oppressor:

 6 then let my foe pursue my soul and seize me;

 let him trample my life to the ground,

 and lay my honor in the dust.

7 O LORD, rise up in your anger;

 be exalted against the fury of my foes.

 Awake, my God, to enact

 the justice you ordered.

 8 Let the company of peoples gather round you,

 as you take your seat above them on high.

9 The LORD is judge of the peoples.

 Give judgment for me, O LORD,

 for I am just and blameless of heart.

 10 Put an end to the evil of the wicked!

 Make the just man stand firm;

 it is you who test mind and heart,

 O God of justice!

11 God is a shield before me,

 who saves the upright of heart.

 12 God is a judge, just and powerful and patient,

 not exercising anger every day.

13 Against someone who does not repent,

 God will sharpen his sword;

 he bends his bow and makes ready.

 14 For such a one he prepares deadly weapons;

 he barbs his arrows with fire.

15 Here is one who conceives iniquity;

 pregnant with malice, he gives birth to lies.

 16 He digs a pit and bores it deep;

 and in the trap he has made he falls.

 17 His malice recoils on his head;

 on his own skull his violence falls.

18 I thank the LORD for his justice,

 singing to the name of the LORD, the Most High.

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