Revised Grail Psalter


Chicago, Illinois, [DATE] - GIA Publications, Inc. is pleased and honored to announce the release of editions containing The Ecumenical Grail Psalter on [RELEASE DATE].

GIA Publications, Inc. is honored to be the worldwide agent for The Ecumenical Grail Psalter and will endeavor to be fair and judicious stewards of this important and beautiful translation, as it has with the original Grail translation since the 1960s and The Revised Grail Psalms since 2010.

GIA Publications, Inc. will be releasing this new translation in three formats:

  • A quality paperback book of the complete text of The Ecumenical Grail Psalter, similar to previous editions of the Grail Psalms (G-9089, U.S. $11.95);
  • A pointed edition (or "Singing Version") of the text, to assist with those proclaiming or chanting this wonderful translation, also as a quality paperback (G-9088, U.S. $11.95);
  • An online version at the website, where the full texts will be available in individual links for each psalm.

The print editions will include a foreword by Francis Cardinal George, OMI, and an introduction by Abbot Gregory J. Polan, OSB.

The print editions will include an introduction by Abbot Gregory J. Polan, OSB, of Conception Abbey in Conception, MO.

GIA Publications, Inc. has also established a generous reprint policy for use of this translation, which allows churches and worshiping communities, at no charge, the right to print this text for non-commercial purposes, such as in a temporary worship aid. For commercial, Internet, or any other use, please refer to detailed guidelines on the website

In addition, an electronic version of The Ecumenical Grail Psalter in psalm order will be made available for sale to commercial publishers. For information about these electronic editions, please contact GIA Publications, Inc.

A Publications, Inc. is privileged to be the agent of this important translation and is gratified that this translation-many years in the making-will finally be available to musicians, liturgists, and worshipers around the world.