Revised Grail Psalter

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Updated 10/12/15

Thank you for your interest in reprinting The Ecumenical Grail Psalter. Please read this document carefully. If you have any additional questions or to obtain any permission required by this policy, please contact GIA Publications, Inc. via email at We look forward to working with you. This policy is subject to change, so please continue to refer to for the latest information and reprint policies.

[The Revised Grail Psalms are herein referred to as the "EGP".]


For all uses of the EGP, without exception, the copyright notice must be included in one of the following ways, depending on the nature of the publication: at the bottom of the first or last page on which a portion of the EGP appears; at the bottom of the first page of musical compositions; or on the book's copyright page.

The Ecumenical Grail Psalter Copyright © 2015, Conception Abbey/The Grail, admin. by GIA Publications, Inc., All rights reserved.

No alterations to the EGP of any kind are permitted without obtaining written permission. This includes, but is not limited to, punctuation, line breaks, and indentations if the EGP is printed in poetic form.

This policy does not cover audio, video, broadcast, podcast, or any other non-print use. For these or any other uses not specified, contact GIA Publications for more information via

None of the rights specified under this policy are transferable to third parties without written permission.


Churches and Worshiping Communities

Free Use for Which Written Permission Is Not Required

Churches and worshiping communities may reprint the EGP as needed for non-commercial use for celebrations within the specific community without obtaining written permission. Note, however, that if a psalm is the text for a published musical setting, permission must be obtained from the copyright holder of the music, who is authorized to grant permission for that combination of text and music. If an unpublished musical setting is composed for the use of a particular community, see the conditions specified under Composers.

The Ecumenical Grail Psalter is not approved for liturgical use in the Catholic Church when published resources for the Lectionary and for the Liturgy of the Hours are prescribed. In such cases The Revised Grail Psalms, as approved by both the USCCB and the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, is a viable option. This does not preclude potential use of the EGP in hymns, choral compositions, etc., where paraphrasing and metrical adaptation are already commonplace.

All Other Uses

Written permission is required for all other uses, including, but not limited to, permanent or semi-permanent reprints of the EGP. Licenses may be granted on a gratis basis, or standard royalties may apply, depending upon individual circumstances. Those entities holding a current license from may use the EGP in accordance with the conditions of that license.


Composers are free to set the EGP at will, and may use their settings indefinitely within their own churches or worshiping communities, provided that no revenue is derived from such use. If any fees are attached to the sharing of a composer's work, standard royalties will apply.

Composers are free to submit settings of the EGP to any publisher of their choosing. If that publisher chooses to accept the work, standard music industry procedures apply.

Commercial Publication

All legitimate publishers of religious materials, regardless of size, denominational affiliation, or for-profit/non-profit status, are equally eligible to obtain licensing for any use that is consistent with the nature and intent of the EGP. Standard publishing industry procedures and royalties apply, including any publishing conditions required by ecclesiastical or denominational authorities.

Internet Access

The Ecumenical Grail Psalter is available at For websites of a religious or devotional nature that wish to include parts of the EGP in their content, this must be done through a link to the appropriate text on Each of the psalms is on a separate link; devotional sites may conveniently link to whichever, and as many, psalms as they choose, but may not include the texts on their own websites without permission. This policy is in place to assure the integrity of the texts. For any site that operates on a subscription basis or charges fees, appropriate royalties will apply.

To license The Ecumenical Grail Psalter please email