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Music Moves for Piano, a complete piano method!

Welcome to "Music Moves for Piano"


Dear Teachers, Parents, and Students,

Welcome to an exciting, new approach to piano study—one that teaches music as an aural (listening) art as well as an oral (performing) art. This piano method is based on the music research of the world-renowned American music educator, Edwin E. Gordon.

Many can play the piano, but learning to make music is what begins a lifetime of musical enjoyment. To make music with understanding, you first need to develop a music vocabulary. Movement activities, singing, chanting, and learning tonal and rhythm patterns build both music vocabulary and musicianship. This "musical language" progresses to enable students to read music, to improvise, to write original compositions, and to perform. Not only do students develop strong musical skills that prepare them to play and perform throughout their lives, but they also gain something more important—love, understanding, and appreciation of music.

Beginning repertoire of this piano series consists of folk songs and original compositions. The collection of rich and varied folk songs enables students to quickly learn to play what they sing and provides a foundation for creating their own pieces, improvising, and transposing. The original compositions were created as games to build technical skills, to provide ensemble experience, and to help students become familiar with the whole keyboard.

Teacher Lesson Plans for each unit ensure sequenced instruction. Students learn all new material at the lesson. At home, students can work on assignments that are clearly marked on each page. Because listening is so important for strengthening music skills, accompanying recordings provide for daily reinforcement of the study material. Parent involvement includes encouraging their children to practice, helping them to read and follow instructions, and listening to and enjoying their music creativity.

Join me in this wonderful music adventure!

Marilyn Lowe