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A complete piano method!

What's In Each Book



Music Moves for Piano: Preparatory Book (G-6437) $14.95
Music Moves for Piano: Preparatory Book Teacher’s Guide (G-6438) $12.00
Music Moves for Piano: Book 1 (G-6439) $17.95
Music Moves for Piano: Book 1 Teacher’s Lesson Plans (G-6440) $45.00

The Preparatory Book is for beginning students of any age, starting with kindergarten-aged children. Keyboard pieces in the Preparatory Book and the first half of Book 1 are game-like. They use the large motor movement of the arms to play black keys, white keys, and combinations of black and white keys in all registers. The finger movement progresses from playing with one finger to playing with all five fingers. Students learn to play repeated notes and repeated patterns. They use both separated (staccato) and connected (legato) styles of articulation.

Each of the beginning pieces has a technical or musical “hurdle.” The first short pieces are not based on major or minor keyalities. Instead, they are constructed on simple two- and four-macrobeat rhythm patterns in both duple and triple meters. Students learn to think about their hands and fingers, they keyboard register, articulation, and rhythm. Teacher and student duet parts provide ensemble experience. While students are learning these pieces, they are singing and moving to songs, chanting rhythm patterns, and singing tonal patterns during the activity time.

The second half of Book 1 introduces folk songs in the major keyalities of G, F, and C. Students play folk song melodies with each hand alone. Playing melodies with the left hand develops it technically. Students begin to play hands together with simple, single-voice accompaniments for the melodies. They also learn to transpose melodies.

Note to Teachers: Plan to teach one unit per week in Book 1. Start a thorough unit review and complete all of the items on the Check List when students start Unit 10.


Music Moves for Piano: Book 2 (G-6441) $17.95
Music Moves for Piano: Book 2 Teacher’s Lesson Plans (G-6442) $45.00

Book 2 introduces relative minor keyalities, major scales, major and harmonic minor cadences, and tonic-dominant arpeggios. Keyalities and tonalities presented include G major and E minor, C major and A minor, F major and D minor, E major and C-sharp minor, and D-flat major. Students learn how to change tonality and meter of familiar folk songs and continue transposition. Students play a single-tone tonic and dominant accompaniment with the left hand and the melody with the right hand at the same time. Book 2 provides accompaniments in different styles as models.

Book 2 will take longer to complete than Book 1. This is because students spend time reviewing Book 1 and playing supplementary repertoire. However, most students should complete Book 2 in a year or less.


Music Moves for Two: Book 1 (G-6443) $15.95

This book supplements Music Moves for Piano: Books 1 and Book 2. It provides students with additional ensemble and improvisation experience. Students can use these pieces as common studio repertoire for several years.

Music Moves for Two: Book 2 (G-6444) $7.95

This ensemble and improvisation book supplements Music Moves for Piano: Books 3, 4, and 5. It uses the same format as Music Moves for Two: Book 1, but the music is more difficult. The music is in a variety of tonalities and is more adventuresome in style and content than Book 1. Students continue to grow musically and learn to apply audiation skills when they engage in ensemble playing and improvisation. Students can use these pieces as common studio repertoire for several years.

Boogies and Blues (G-6445) $7.95

This supplementary book of light pieces reinforces the harmonic changes of tonic, subdominant, and dominant. Ensemble parts serve as models for improvisation on chord changes. The difficulty level ranges from easy (for students who have started Music Moves for Piano: Book 2) to more difficult (for third- and fourth-year students). Students can use these as models for original blues composition and improvisation for several years.

Christmas Music, Book 1 (incl. CD for both Christmas Music books) (G-7054) $17.95

Christmas Music, Book 2 (G-7055) $7.95

Students of all levels will build a lasting Christmas performance repertoire. Learn melodies, essential tonal and rhythm patterns, harmonic structure; play duets; and . create arrangements for 20 Christmas songs. Patterns for each song are notated in the books and performed on the complete CD.

Keyalities and Tonalities: The Complete Book of Arpeggios, Cadences and Scales (G-7056) $17.95

A first! This book is an indispensible, complete reference guide to help students build and maintain performing skills in all keyalities and tonalities.


Pattern CD (CD-614) $16.95

Rhythm patterns and tonal patterns for the complete piano series are included on the Pattern CD.