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Instrumental Editions for Hymnals

Hundreds of instrumental parts in one book
for any music program!

For All C and Bb Instrumentalists

First-of-a-kind editions that contain more than a mere assortment of miscellaneous instrumental parts. These volumes offer instrumental parts for over 90% of the songs and hymns and more than half of the psalms and service music settings in each hymnal, many written for this collection, resulting in the first-ever parts for some songs. Both C and Bb editions are published for each hymnal, and each edition is in two hefty 8 1/2 x 11 spiral-bound volumes.

More than just one instrumental part, these editions include the melody line, a descant part, and an additional harmony part for most selections. One or two players can easily make up a lovely arrangement by simply picking a different part for different verses.

And that's not all...our C and Bb hymnal instrumental editions are an invaluable resource for instrumentalists, regardless of what hymnal or subscription missal you may be using in your pews! All your favorite and most often used hymns, songs, and service music selections are included in one or all of these three editions. Just pick the edition that best fits your needs and your instrumental players will have, at their fingertips, attractive instrumental parts in a very convenient format, all for a very affordable price, and usable for years to come!

For those interested in a broader selection of instruments, we recommend the Worship, Third Edition instrumental books, listed below. These books contain a wealth of arrangements of selections from our popular, organ-based hymnal.

Gather Editions

Title Composer Edition # Price Qty  
Gather II - Bb Instrument Book
Various G-4140IB $85.00
Gather II - C Instrument Book
Various G-4140IC $85.00

Gather Comprehensive

Title Composer Edition # Price Qty  
Gather Comprehensive - Bb Instrument Book
G-4200IB Out Of Print
Gather Comprehensive - C Instrument Book
Various G-4200IC $120.00


Great resource for trumpet players! Over 240 descants in one resource!

Title Composer Edition # Price Qty  
RitualSong - B-Flat Instrument Book
Various G-4500IB $110.00
RitualSong - C Instrument Book
Various G-4500IC $110.00

Catholic Community Hymnal

Title Composer Edition # Price Qty  
Catholic Community Hymnal - Bb Instrument Book
G-5000IB $60.00
Catholic Community Hymnal - C Instrument Book
G-5000IC $60.00

Worship Third Edition

Hymns for Instruments 337 hymns transcribed from Worship Third Edition, and found in most hymnbooks, for instruments from the organ accompaniment. Ten part books (AJ) cover all band instruments and strings. Each book $14.95.

Title Composer Edition # Price Qty  
Worship III - Soprano Part - C Instruments
Various G-3126A $14.95
Worship III - Soprano Part - B-flat Instruments
Various G-3126B $14.95
Worship III - Alto Part - C Instruments
Various G-3126C $14.95
Worship III - Alto Part - B-flat Instruments
G-3126D $14.95
Worship III - Alto Part - E-flat Instruments
Various G-3126E $14.95
Worship III - Tenor Part - Bass Clef Instruments
G-3126F $14.95
Worship III - Tenor Part - B-flat Instruments
Various G-3126G $14.95
Worship III - Tenor Part - F Instruments
Various G-3126H $14.95
Worship III - Tenor Part - Alto Clef Instruments
Various G-3126I $14.95
Worship III - Bass Part - Bass Clef Instruments
Various G-3126J $14.95
W3 Instrumental Acompaniment (Set of all 10 Books)
G-3126SET $129.50