Volume 2: Inward Bound - Philosophy and Score Preparation

Evoking Sound: The Choral Rehearsal, Vol. 2

James Jordan, with Eugene Migliaro Corporon, Lynn Eustis, Gerald Custer, Matthew Lapine, and Tony Thornton

For the first time in a single volume, this book provides choral directors with a comprehensive guide to score analysis techniques used by the world’s leading choral conductors and innovators.

Together with the companion Volume I: The Choral Rehearsal—Techniques and Procedures (and DVD), this series is an essential guide to productive and musical choral rehearsals written by a leading voice in choral pedagogy. This volume deals with the preparation of both the psychological and spiritual aspects of the choral rehearsal. Areas covered include:

* Score analysis of Julius Herford
* Score study through colorization by Margaret Hillis
* Vocal technique analysis system of Frauke Haasemann
* Score analysis based upon the note-grouping theories of Marcel Tabiteau as espoused by James Thurmond
* Analysis and guide to Renaissance metric flexibility
* Laban Movement Score Analysis
* Choosing literature for your choir
* A voice teacher’s advice to choral directors concerning their rehearsal process

Designed for use by all conductors, this text is a valuable and groundbreaking resource for choral conductors at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Edition # Title
G-7129 The Choral Rehearsal - Volume 2: Inward Bound
Philosophy and Score Preparation