Evoking Sound The Choral Rehearsal Vol. 1
Techniques and Procedures

James Jordan

“The rehearsal is part of the performance—the two are in symbiosis. The Choral Rehearsal is the clearest and most enlightened guide to the understanding of this vital facet of musicianship.”

—Tarik O’Regan, in the Foreword

This comprehensive and engaging sourcebook is an essential guide to a productive and musical choral rehearsal written by a leading voice in choral pedagogy.

Intended for choirs of all skill levels, James Jordan covers a wide range of subjects and features sections devoted to:

• The spirit of the rehearsal
• Rehearsal preparation and planning
• How to listen
• Conducting gesture as a rehearsal technique
• The accompanist and the rehearsal
• Skill teaching within the rehearsal
• How to teach artistic phrasing
• Rehearsal accountability

In this ambitious yet practical text, the author and a team of expert contributors give practical insights drawn from many decades of experience in the rehearsal room. Just a few of the topics covered in this volume include: approaches to teaching rhythm, using recording technology as part of the rehearsal process, introducing your choir to IPA, incorporating Dalcroze and Laban into the rehearsal, and the count singing system of Robert Shaw.

This book is destined to become a trusted companion to anyone seeking to make the most of the choral rehearsal.

Additional resources: Evoking Sound: The Choral Rehearsal, Volume 2: Inward Bound—Philosophy and Score Preparation (G-7129), Evoking Sound: The Choral Rehearsal DVD (DVD-720), Evoking Sound: The Choral Warm-Up (G-6397).

James Jordan, Associate Professor of Conducting, Senior Conductor, and conductor of The Westminster Williamson Voices at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, is recognized as one of the nation’s preeminent conductors, writers, and innovators in choral music. For twelve years he served as conductor of The Westminster Chapel Choir. He is also the conductor of Anam Cara, a twenty-voice professional choral ensemble based in Philadelphia.



The Choral Rehearsal

Influencing the Choral Ensemble through Gesture, Rehearsal Technique, and Accompanying Technique

James Jordan with Marilyn Shenenberger

A companion to the text THE CHORAL REHEARSAL

How can conducting gesture become a more effective part of your rehearsal technique?

Can your gesture change the sound of your choir without verbal explanation?

What changes in your conducting technique can make an immediate change in your  choir’s sound?

This companion DVD to Evoking Sound: The Choral Rehearsal is a personal master class on conducting and rehearsal technique with James Jordan. Using the Pennsbury High School Chamber Choir as a model, Dr. Jordan illustrates the major points found in The Choral Rehearsal text. The DVD cross-references The Choral Rehearsal (Volumes 1 and 2), so those who study this DVD can read further about the highlighted points demonstrated in the books, including:

  • Effects of alignment on sound
  • Proper use of the arm to obtain the best choral sound
  • Effects of breath and breathing, velocity of gesture, and hand position on sound
  • Conductor listening skills
  • Obtaining internal phrasing through gesture
  • Effective accompaniment techniques –— featuring advice from master accompanist Marilyn Shenenberger
  • Approaches to teaching rhythm
  • Demonstrations of unique rehearsal techniques

James Jordan is recognized and praised from many quarters in the musical world as one of the nation’s preeminent conductors, writers, and innovators in choral music. He teaches and conducts at Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, New Jersey, where he directs The Westminster Williamson Voices, the premier chamber choir of the college, and the Westminster Schola Cantorum.

Marilyn Shenenberger, collaborative accompanist and arranger, has worked closely with James Jordan at Westminster Choir College and has been an integral part of Jordan’s cutting-edge work in the field of Choral Ensemble Intonation. She is in demand as a clinician on ear training, Harmonic Immersion Solfege, and Dalcroze movement and serves as principal accompanist for The Westminster Williamson Voices.

Running time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

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