Graphic Design and Religion
A Call for Renewal

Daniel Kantor

Graphic Design and Religion by Daniel Kantor challenges the way we look at the role of graphic design within a religious context. The beautiful and abundant illustrations coupled with the passionately written text transcend the mere visual aspect of symbols and graphic design, elevating them to a spiritual way of seeing. It is an ideal resource for design students, teachers, photographers, illustrators, copywriters, clergy, worship and environment planners, sacred art enthusiasts, and more!

Some of the chapters included in Graphic Design and Religion are “The Need for Renewal,” “The Sacred and the Secular,” “The Gift of Beauty,” and “A Return to Mystery.” This vital work can help designers discover their role in the creation of sacred art. One way in which Kantor accomplishes this is to draw a comparison between the illuminators of the Middle Ages with modern day graphic designers who serve religion today. Kantor stresses the need for a heightened awareness of graphic design within religion and demonstrates how good design must be seen as an essential component of authentic religious hospitality.

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Edition # Title
G-7098 Graphic Design and Religion
A Call for Renewal