Music Learning Theory:
Resolutions and Beyond

Edwin E. Gordon

Edwin E. Gordon, whose groundbreaking Music Learning Theory explains how students learn music, amplifies the results of years of empirical, observational, and experimental research in BUFFALO Music Learning Theory: Resolutions and Beyond.

Learning Sequence Activities, which easily fit into the first few minutes of a class period or rehearsal, are the practical applications of this proven theory. Although Learning Sequence Activities are extensively covered in Jump Right In: The Music Curriculum and Jump Right In: The Instrumental Series, few resources explain their application to middle and high school music programs. The primary goal of this book is to clarify how teachers can make the transition from traditional instruction to teaching based on Music Learning Theory, especially with older students. Gordon also discusses options for Music Learning Theory teachers whose students will be graduating to a school with traditional music teaching methods.

In six parts, Gordon covers rhythm learning readiness and transitioning students (both those familiar and those unfamiliar with Learning Sequence Activities) to music at the middle and high school levels. The author also details how the activities can easily be integrated into a classroom setting and how Learning Sequence Activities can even benefit adult musicians. The glossary, bibliography, and extensive index round out the volume.

A much needed resource for practitioners of Music Learning Theory!

Edwin E. Gordon is widely known as a researcher, teacher, author, editor, and lecturer. He and his work have been portrayed nationally on the NBC Today Show, in the New York Times, and in USA Today. Through extensive research, Professor Gordon has made major contributions in the study of music aptitudes, audiation, Music Learning Theory, tonal and rhythm patterns, and music development in infants and very young children.

Edition # Title
G-6866 Buffalo Music Learning Theory
Resloutions and Beyond