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My Morning Prayer

In this hectic world, oftentimes we forsake our prayer lives for the demanding pressures of day-to-day living. My Morning Prayer was conceived out of the desire to find alternate ways for people to spend time in prayer. Ideal for commuters, this two-CD set contains seven separate settings of morning prayer, one for each day of the week. Each service lasts for approximately twenty minutes and includes a morning hymn, two psalms with psalm prayers, a scripture passage, a canticle, intercessions, the Lord's Prayer, a concluding prayer, and a blessing.

Not only is this prayer resource useful for those who pray during the solitude of their morning commute - this CD might also be used in small group settings or by anyone who finds it challenging to pray in a meaningful way on a regular basis. Just pop it in, pick a day, and pray! You will find many familiar titles, providing an opportunity to memorize the services after repeated use. The musical settings of the canticle, intercessions, Lord's Prayer, and blessing are repeated each day, while the hymns and psalms are unique to each day. Some of the authors and composers on this CD set include Michael Joncas, Michel Guimont, Ruth Duck, Liam Lawton, David Haas, Lynn Trapp, The Dameans, Joseph Gelineau, John Bell, Michael Mahler, and Taizé.

Listen to a short sample from one of the songs you'll find in each day's service.

Listen to Tracks: Disc 1
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You - Sunday Psalm 42: So Longs My Soul - Monday Good Morning, God - Tuesday Psalm 146: I Will Praise the Lord - Wednesday

Listen to Tracks: Disc 2
General Intercessions - Thursday Canticle of Zechariah - Friday Psalm 8: O Lord, Our Lord - Saturday

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My Morning Prayer - 2 CD set - CD
Seven Daily Services for People on the Go
Various CD-670 $25.95
My Evening Prayer - 2 CD set - CD
Seven Daily Services for People on the Go
Various CD-712 $25.95
My Morning Prayer / My Evening Prayer Combo - 4 CD set - CD
Various CD-722 $40.00