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Drums in the Church

Marc Anderson

Drums in the Church is a hands-on guide to the effective and creative use of
percussion instruments in the context of Christian worship services. This essential DVD covers fundamental rhythms and techniques for a wide range of musical styles.

Marc Anderson, accomplished performer and instructor of percussion, has traveled the
world teaching and worshiping in hundreds of churches, temples, and synagogues. This wealth of life experience provides the foundation for Drums in the Church.

Using the songs of the church, Anderson teaches Latin and African styles on hand drums, American folk style on the dumbek, and Irish or Northern European styles on the bodhran. Experienced percussionists, choir directors, and music ministers can all benefit from the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on the DVD, which are reinforced by the accompanying booklet.

The Drums in the Church DVD features a picture-in-picture window for a front-row view of the different drumming techniques, which are demonstrated from several angles. Finally, church musicians everywhere have a helpful tool to encourage the joy and spiritual energy realized through the proper and tasteful use of percussion instruments in worship.

Edition # Title
DVD-654 Drums in the Church: A Practical Guide for Percussion in Christian Worship - DVD