A Guide for Singers and Those Who Work with Singers

The Singer's Ego: Finding Balance between Music and Life

Lynn Eustis with a foreword by James Jordan

“Many singers deal with the problem of separating themselves from ‘the voice.’ Dozens of singers I know will describe the actions of ‘the voice’ as completely alien to their own desires, as though ‘the voice’ itself were another person misbehaving in their relationship.”

––Lynn Eustis
in The Singer’s Ego

Few people, other than singers themselves, understand the daily psychological conflicts that make up the singer’s world—challenges unique to those who carry their instrument in their own body.

Singers must deal with crises of vocal health and self-doubt, take criticism over every aspect of their appearance, and endure the stereotypes of the “diva” label, all while communicating the most profound human emotions through their music. And while music schools do much to prepare voice majors technically, they often look past the inner turmoil that is an unavoidable part of the singer’s life.

The Singer’s Ego is a groundbreaking book that explores the serious issues singers face, issues with profound implications for both singers and their teachers.

From the psychological to the practical, anything that can or will affect a singer’s performance is included in this book. Author Lynn Eustis, a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music and voice instructor at the University of North Texas, draws from her experience as a professional singer and the wisdom gained from her many years of teaching voice.

This book is divided into two parts: “The Inner World,” which covers all of the emotional and personal issues involved with singing, and “The Outer World,” which addresses questions of public perception and performance. At the end of each chapter, Eustis includes a section called “Further Exploration” that is filled with introspective exercises. Sensible suggestions abound, and the appendices provide helpful advice for “Working with Beginning Singers” and “Working with Conductors.”

This book is an invaluable addition to the libraries of singers, conductors, and teachers of singing at all levels.

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G-6528 The Singer's Ego: Finding Balance Between Music and Life
A Guide for Singers and Those Who Teach and Work With Singers