Composers on Composing for Band: Volume Two

Contributing composers: James Curnow,
Johan de Meij, Julie Giroux, Donald Grantham,
Robert Jager, Pierre la Plante, David Maslanka,
Philip Sparke, Eric Whitacre, Dana Wilson

Edited by Mark Camphouse

"An inspirational series that will guide us all toward a better understanding of the magic of music."

— Gary Green
From the Foreword

Composers on Composing for Band, Volume Two, picks up where volume one left off, opening the door to the creative genius of ten more composers at the top of their field.

Those who choose to walk through that doorway will travel through the fantasy world of Johan de Meij's Lord of the Rings, uncover Julie Giroux's Big Bang Theory of composing, and enter David Maslanka's source of revelation, the "other side." Composers James Curnow, Donald Grantham, Robert Jager, Pierre La Plante, Philip Sparke, Eric Whitacre, and Dana Wilson also share their stories, leading readers further down the path of musical discovery.

A valuable resource for directors at all levels, each chapter is dedicated to the experiences and works of a single composer, culminating with a complete list of repertoire by grade level. In a format that is consistent throughout, composers discuss their earliest experiences in music and their thoughts on the creative process; the approach to orchestration, conducting, and score study; the relationship between the composer and the commissioner; how to work with young composers; influential mentors, works, and composers; and the future of the wind band.

Conceived and edited by Mark Camphouse, this inspiring yet practical series gives directors a chance to go beyond the notes on the page and enter the composer's world, through his or her own words. This series provides the reader with a greater degree of understanding and respect for both the creative and re-creative processes and will ultimately contribute to a strengthening of the band profession through more thoughtful interpretations and more musically sensitive performances.

Edition # Title
G-6520 Composers on Composing for Band - Volume 2

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