Tune Assistant CD-ROM

Play, display, and organize
more than 500 tunes

Bruce Dalby

Tune Assistant is a comprehensive resource for playing, notating, and managing tunes, including a large and growing database from widely varied geographical, historical, and cultural origins.

With Tune Assistant you can:

  • Play MIDI renditions with melody, bass, and/or keyboard accompaniment; select tempo, key, balance, and MIDI instrument assignments; play from any point in the tune; and save a standard MIDI file.

  • Notate tunes in standard notation to reflect the selected vocal or instrumental range; show or hide chord and tonal function symbols; choose transposition; and print.

  • Manage tunes by tonality, meter, range, category, and tonal functions; save frequently visited tunes in a list of favorites; and make changes to music and text.

  • Learn tonal syllables associated with tune melodies and tonal syllables associated with chords.

Even if you can only remember a word or two of a tune title or lyrics, you can use the search feature to locate the song. All music teachers can use Tune Assistant as a general resource for finding, playing, displaying, and organizing tunes. This amazing resource is designed to help teachers address their individual instructional needs.

Minimum system requirements: Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, or Windows 95 or higher

Bruce Dalby is Professor of Music at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in music education, improvisation, jazz, and ear training.


Edition # Title
CD-652 Tune Assistant (CD-ROM) - CD