The Aural / Visual Experience of Music Literacy

Edwin E. Gordon

Continuing his scholarly and practical research, Dr. Edwin E. Gordon now bridges the gap between audiation and conventional methods of achieving musical literacy with The Aural / Visual Experience of Music Literacy. Dr. Gordon demonstrates, using examples and analogies, patterns and theories, how musical literacy must mean much more than merely being able to “decode” notes on a staff. Clearly defining the difference between imitating and audiating, he leads the reader through a sound program of building literacy in musicians of all ages. Reading tonal, rhythm, and melodic patterns, using solfege, writing patterns, differentiating instruction for students with different music aptitudes, and reading notation are all covered in great detail. Acknowledging conventional music education, Dr. Gordon also addresses the subject of preparing students to communicate with directors and other musicians not versed in audiation methods and techniques.

For those already employing Dr. Gordon’s methods of developing audiation in students, this book takes his ideas further, while also sharing his experiences with how to get students to continue to grow and develop in the conventional world of music education. For those just being introduced to Dr. Gordon’s research, this book offers a comprehensive, detailed outline of his theories and methods for developing a student’s musical mind.

Edition # Title
G-6384 The Aural / Visual Experience of Music Literacy
Reading and Writing Music Notation