Activities and Prayer Services for Youth

Fall on Your Knees

Eric J. Sova

This important new resource from Eric J. Sova could prove to be the desired text for Catholic youth programs across the nation. Using the songs from his recently re-released recording Fall on Your Knees, Sova has created twenty faith development activities and ten prayer services focusing on faith formation and specifically designed for young Catholics.

Centering on themes derived from Sova’s song lyrics, each activity contains related Scripture passages, reflection questions, and challenges for students to undertake throughout the week. The faith of our young people is constantly being tested. Fall on Your Knees is a resource that can help to address many of the faith issues teenagers face. Some of the subjects covered in Fall on Your Knees include trust in God, faith in times of crisis, Catholic identity, standing up for your faith, and living the call. The activities found in this book are clearly structured, and the leader’s page provides detailed instruction to maximize program success. Reproducible student pages are also included to help facilitate participation.

Edition # Title
G-6093 Fall on Your Knees
Activities and Prayer Services for Youth