The marks and means of authentic Christian spirituality

States of Bliss & Yearning

John L. Bell, Iona Community

"Preaching and hymnody are my two terrestrial passions, largely because they are not solely for specialists but should affect the whole people of God," states John Bell in the introduction to States of Bliss and Yearning. In this book, Bell focuses on his passion for preaching by presenting twelve sermons he has delivered in cathedrals, assembly halls, and local churches.

In his own unique and challenging way, he speaks to the people of God, dealing with issues as diverse as private devotion and public debt. Each sermon, in a different way and context, reminds us that in order to experience the heights of spirituality, one has also to know the depths. Throughout, Bell paints a picture of God not as a "celestial sadist" who wants to punish humankind, but rather as a compassionate being who asks that we do what we can, starting from where we are, to be just and compassionate. A thought-provoking read!

Edition # Title
G-5769 States of Bliss and Yearning
The Marks and Means of Authentic Christian Spirituality