Preparatory Audiation, Audition,
and Music Learning Theory

Edwin E. Gordon

In this essential book, noted author and researcher Edwin E. Gordon brings to one volume a comprehensive discussion of how we learn to audiate "to think and give meaning to music" from birth through adulthood.

Central to this book is a detailed look at how the five stages of audiation function in relation to the eight types of audiation, along with side-by-side comparisons of audiation, preparatory audiation, and music learning theory.

Dr. Gordon also delves into subjects previously discussed without much detail or not at all. These topics include the difference between music content and context, the importance of breathing and body movement while performing, the whole-part-whole approach to music learning, the influence of music aptitudes and individual differences on learning to develop audiation skills, the urgent need for music educators to develop sequential curriculums for music students, and the nature of music research itself.

These in-depth writings, from one of the most respected music educators of our time, are sure to compel educators to evaluate their classrooms and extend new ideas into their curriculum and teaching.

Edwin E. Gordon is known throughout the world as a preeminent researcher, teacher, author, editor, and lecturer in the field of music education. He is currently Professor of Music at Michigan State University. He has also served on the faculty of the University of South Carolina and was Carl E. Seashore Professor of Research in Music Education at Temple University in Philadelphia.

In addition to advising Ph.D. candidates in music education, Dr. Gordon has devoted many years to teaching music to preschool-aged children.

Through extensive research, Professor Gordon has made major contributions to the study of music aptitudes, stages and types of audiation, music learning theory, and rhythm in movement and music, to name just a few areas.

Before devoting his life to the field of music education, he earned bachelor's and master's degrees in string bass performance from the Eastman School of Music and played string bass with the Gene Krupa band. He went to earn a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 1958.

Professor Gordon and his work have been portrayed nationally and internationally on the NBC Today Show, in the New York Times, in USA Today, and a variety of European and Asian publications.

He lives with his wife Carol in Columbia, South Carolina.

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G-5726 Preparatory Audiation, Audiation, and Music Learning Theory