Jesus and Peter
Off the Record Conversations

John Bell and Graham Maule

Perfect as discussion starters or scriptural reflections, this book is filled with "off-the-record" conversations between Jesus and his eager disciple, Peter. Written by Iona Community members John L. Bell and Graham Maule, these scripts give a dynamic, modern perspective on today's issues.

A wide range of topics are tackled by Jesus and Peter, including faith, money, marriage, vocation, sex, healing, praise, taxes, ecology, justice, music, the kingdom, and heaven. An equally wide range of emotions are explored: love, joy, curiosity, disappointment, betrayal, apathy, and anger.

All of the scripts have emerged from specific contexts where John and Graham have been asked to lead worship. Seven of the pieces appear in print for the first time, while the other seventeen have been revised by the authors for this special edition.

Edition # Title
G-5288 Jesus and Peter
Off-the-Record Conversations