One is the Body

Wild Goose Worship Group / Iona Community

We do not believe that it is any longer possible to claim membership of the "holy catholic Church" and refuse to sing songs from repertoires other than those of the mission-sending churches in the North. And, if at the same time, the Church does not rehearse and sing "new songs," it will breed disciples who are unfit for heaven, where the new song is an eternal feature.

  – Wild Goose Worship Group

One Is the Body, like many collections by the Wild Goose Worship Group of the Iona Community, is deliberately eclectic and brings to us music from around the world. "Blessed Be God" is a lively song of praise from Pakistan, while "Je Lourai l'Eternel" (I'll Praise God Eternal) is a beautifully simple piece from France. Mexico, El Salvador, Wales, Hawaii, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Nepal, and the Netherlands are also represented here in texts and tunes.

"Sizohamba" (We Will Walk with God) is a particularly fun and infectious piece from South Africa. With its delightful four-part harmony, it makes a wonderful recessional song in Xhosa or in English. Several new pieces by John Bell are included in this collection, including "Keep Me Lord" and the title song. John also contributes a wonderful new inclusive text, "Women and Men as God Intended," to the popular tune KOMT NU MET ZANG, usually sung with the text "What Is This Place."

CONTENTS: Heaven on Earth • Somos del Señor • Blessed Be God • Keep Me, Lord • All the Wonder • I Will Arise • O Great God and Lord of the Earth • Je Lourai l'Eternal • Kamara O'I-O • Gifts of the Spirit • One Is the Body • Tu Estas Presente • Thula • Chitra's Song • Women and Men as God Intended • Sizohamba.

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CD-513 One Is the Body - CD
CS-513 One Is the Body - Cassette
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G-5790 One Is the Body
Songs of Unity and Diversity