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The Musician's Soul

James Jordan

Beyond the precise techniques of music-making lies the uncertain and often untapped world of artistic self-expression and soulful spirituality. James Jordan's The Musician's Soul starts all musicians on a journey to that higher plane.

Jordan offers words of wisdom and encouragement based on his own journey as a conductor, yet these writings are pertinent to all musicians, perhaps to any creative being.

Filled with inspiring, thought-provoking quotations, life experiences, and ideas, this book will encourage you to explore your inner self by creating openness and vulnerability, finding your center, and discovering the importance of solitude as well as community. The result will be a new heartfelt honesty and beauty in your music.

Look beyond the mechanics of technique into the soul of music, creating a new, inspired voice.

James Jordan is one of America's most respected choral conductors and educators, currently serving as associate professor of conducting at Westminster Choir College of Rider University. He is also conductor of the Westminster Chapel Choir and author of Evoking Sound, a conducting textbook (see page 59).

Edition # Title
G-5095 The Musician's Soul
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Edition # Title
G-5095CS The Musician’s Soul: Meditations