There is One Among Us

Iona Community
Wild Goose Worship Group


Let the people sing! With this collection, that's exactly what they'll do! Following the success of Come All You People, John Bell and the Iona Community present a second collection of shorter songs for worship. The songs of There Is One among Us help us to strengthen our prayer by allowing everyone in an assembly or crowd to sing short, easy-to-learn pieces in harmony, without accompaniment.

This collection, in the Iona tradition, features songs from around the world as well as several original compositions by John L. Bell. There Is One among Us features an "Alleluia" by Norah Duncan IV of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Detroit. "We Will Take What You Offer" is a lively communion song for congregations, while "The Peace of the Earth" is a beautiful song of blessing from Guatemala.

Accompanying each song in the music collection is an indication of how it may be used in creative liturgy. Also, the book concludes with a number of prayers that may be used in conjunction with the songs.

Contents: Alleluia •; Bless the Lord • Kyrie Eleison • Lo, I Am with You • Magnificat • First Born of Mary • This Is the Body of Christ • Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ • Nothing in Height • Ameni • Give Thanks, Worship, and Praise to the Lord • Deo Gratias • My Eyes Are Dim with Weeping • Lord of Life • Be Still and Know • Hallelujah • There Is One among Us • Bring Your Best to Their Worst • In Love You Summon (G-5285) • We Will Take What You Offer • The Peace of the Earth.

Edition # Title
CD-460 There Is One among Us - CD
CS-460 There Is One among Us - Cassette
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