Lectionary Psalms

Michel Guimont

A sampling of the creative psalm settings by this gifted Canadian composer can be found in Gather, Gather Comprehensive, and RitualSong. We are now delighted to offer the responsorial psalms for the entire three-year cycle of Sundays, solemnities, and feasts of the Lord in one volume. The text is drawn from the Lectionary for Mass (NAB translation).

The Guimont psalms are unique in that they are suitable for organ, piano, or guitar accompaniment. The thirty-plus original psalm tones offer a harmonic freshness that makes these settings useable week after week without tiring. This one volume is a major resource for every cantor.

Edition # Title
CD-445 Guimont Psalms - CD
CS-445 Guimont Psalms - Cassette
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G-4986 Lectionary Psalms: Michel Guimont
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G-4986 Lectionary Psalms: Michel Guimont
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