Songs of Lively Faith and Social Justice...

Love and Anger

John Bell, Iona Community



Most of these songs have been in the repertoire of the Wild Goose Worship Group for several years, proving their worth in public and private worship, at evangelical festivals and political demonstrations. Love and Anger is not simply the title of one of the songs. It's a couplet not of contradictory terms, but of two deep-seated emotions that are evident in the life of Jesus. Anyone who believes he was never angry has simply failed to read the Gospels, but has an image of Jesus that is colored by overexposure to Victorian children's hymns. Anyone who believes that he was only angry has proclaimed him patron saint of their most bitter prejudice, not savior of the world.

Contents: Sing Out Gladly (Munezero) RWANDA • The Love of God Comes Close • Amen, Amen, It Shall Be So! • Almighty God INDIA • Have Mercy on Us, Lord PAKISTAN • Our Burden Is Heavy (Unzima) SOUTH AFRICA • Poor Folk Won't Always Be Forgotten • Goodness Is Stronger Than Evil, I Shall Praise You, O God • Don't Tell Me of a Faith That Fears • Inspired by Love and Anger; Sing Out, My Soul • Give Us Light (Jyothi dho Prabhu) INDIA • We Will Not Take What Is Not Ours • God Bless to Us Our Bread ARGENTINA • The Family • How Can We Stand Together? • God to Enfold You • Over My Head AFRICAN AMERICAN.

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CD-428 Love and Anger - CD
CS-428 Love and Anger - Cassette
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G-4947 Love and Anger
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