Sublime Chant

As heard on the hit Television Series ER!

Richard Proulx

An exquisite recording from The Cathedral Singers and Richard Proulx, featuring Gregorian, Ambrosian, and Gallican chant. A must-have recording!

Mass of the Angels; Missa Simplex; Litany of the Saints; and 16 monastic chants.


Mass of the Angels (Missa De Angelis)
Kyrie Eleison Gloria in Excelsis Sanctus Amen Agnus Dei Ite, Missa Est

Simple Mass (Missa Simplex)
Kyrie Eleison Gloria in Excelsis Sanctus Memorial Acclamation Agnus Dei Pange Lingua Gloriosi

16 Monastic Chants
Adoro Te Devote (G-4058) Ave Verum Corpus (G-4042) Veni Creator Spiritus (G-4059) Ubi Caritas Et Amor Jesu Dulcis Memoria Lumen Ad Revelationem Creator Alme Siderum(Creator of the Stars of Night) Corde Natus Ex Parentis (Of The Father’s Love Begotten) Vexilla Regis(The Royal Banners) O Filii Et Filiae(O Sons and Daughters) (G-4552) Confiteor-Kyrie Eleison “Orbis Factor” Gloria In Excelsis Salve Regina Regina Caeli Salve Mater Misericordiae Litany of Saints

Edition # Title
CD-338 Sublime Chant - CD
CS-338 Sublime Chant - Cassette
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