Innkeepers and Light Sleepers

Iona Community

These songs at once evoke the earthiness of the people in the Christmas story as well as the event's mystery.

CONTENTS: My Bonnie Boy • He Became Poor • Christmas Is Coming • Carol of the Advent • No Wind At The Window • Justice in the Womb • And Did It Happen • Look Up And Wonder • God Immersed In Mystery • Funny Kind Of Night • The Pedigree • Ma Wee Bit Dearie • Ho Ro Ho Ro • The Aye Carol • Simeon’s Song • Carol Of The Epiphany • The Refugees.

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CD-287 Inkeepers and Light Sleepers - CD
CS-287 Inkeepers and Light Sleepers - Cassette
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G-3835 Innkeepers and Light Sleepers
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G-3835 Innkeepers and Light Sleepers