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Twenty-five more songs from 17 countries, including Cuba, Greece, and the Philippines.

CONTENTS: Gloria (Argentina) • Santo, Santo, Santo (Argentina) • Senhor Tempiedade De Nos (Brazil) • He Came Down (Cameroon) (G-3808) • Stand Firm (Cameroon) (G-4843) • Halle ,Halle, Halle (Caribbean) (G-3961) • May God Draw Near (Czechoslovakia) • The Lord is My Light (Czechoslovakia) • Kyrie Eleison (Ghana) • Jesus Christ Our Living Lord (Hungary) • Jesuve Saranam (India) • Let the World in Concert Sing (Malawi) • Sara Shriste (Nepal) • Imela (Nigeria) • Wa Wa Wa Emimimo (Nigeria) • Blessed Be God (Philipines) • Amen Alleluia (South Africa) • Amen Siakudumisa (South Africa) • Ndingen endumisweni (South Africa) • Mayenziwe (South Africa) • Many and Great (USA Native Tradition) • Agios O Theos (Russia) • Kyrie Eleison (Russia) • Your Kingdom Come (Russia) • Jesu Tawa Pano (Zimbabwe).

Edition # Title
CD-275 Many and Great - CD
CS-275 Many and Great - Cassette
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G-3649 Many and Great
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