Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Vol. 4

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Acknowledgements x


PART I: The Teaching of Music

by Larry R. Blocher

Teaching and Learning in Music 2

Learning by Doing 4

Knowledge, Good Intentions, and Desire 4

Deciding Where Students Need to Be 5

The Band (Music) Curriculum 6

What Good Teachers Do 8

Providing Accurate Information 8

An Effective Delivery System 10

Teaching for Moments That Matter 13



by Ray E. Cramer

How Do You Live Your Dash 15

Family Obligations 16

Setting Priorities 17

Role Models 17

Professional Responsibilities 20

Stress Management 20

Time Management 21

Developing a Healthful Lifestyle 23

Why You Should Be Fit 24

Conclusion 26




by Edward S. Lisk

How Do We Exercise "Expressive" Playing 30

Discovering Our Emotional Center 31

Speaking Rhythm Patterns 33

Three Natural Laws of Musical Expression 35

Low Searches for High! 35

High Searches for Low! 37

Short Looks for Long! 39

Conclusion 41



by Eugene Migliaro Corporon

Introduction 44

Teaching as a Creative Act 46

The Four Stages of Musical Development 48

Moving from Message to Meaning 53

Coda 62



by Richard Miles

Planning � Steps to Teaching and Rehearsing 65

Ideas to Assist with Managing Time 72

Incorporating Resources that Enhance Instruction

and Learning 79

Summary 95

Selected References 95




by Tim Lautzenheiser

Author-s Note 97

Character Traits of a Student Leader 98

A Paradigm Shift for Today's Leaders 101

The Personal Values of a Student Leader 102

Choosing Leaders: Maturity Is the Key 103

Solution-Driven Leaders: The Ultimate Choice 105


PART II: The Band Conductor as Music Teacher

Grade Two

A Ballad, Theme and Variations for Band Nelhybel, Vaclav 113

A Child's Embrace Young, Charles Rochester 119

Aztec Dance Story, Michael 124

Bosnian Folk Songs Allen, Fred J. 129

British Isles Suite Daehn, Larry 138

Caprice Himes, William 149

Cumberland Cross Strommen, Carl 154

Flurry for Winds and Percussion Kinyon, John 159

Harvest Hymn Grainger, Percy/Kreines 163

Kachina: Chant and Spirit Dance McGinty, Anne 169

Lion of Lucerne Curnow, James 174

Old Churches Colgrass, Michael 180

Overture on a Minstrel Tune La Plante, Pierre 187

Russian Folk Fantasy Curnow, James 193

Songs of the Whaleman Del Borgo, Elliot 198

Three Chinese Miniatures Jager, Robert 208

Toledo Carlson, Bruce 222

Tricycle Boysen, Andrew, Jr. 233

Two Hebrew Folk Songs

(Songs for Chanukah) Arr. Ward, Norman 238

Variation Overture Williams, Clifton 243


Grade Three

Angel Band Hartley, Walter S. 253

Black Canyon of the Gunnison Erickson, Frank 267

Bouquets Mailman, Martin 272

Candide Suite Bernstein, Leonard/Grundman 281

Concord Grundman, Clare 293

Crystals Duffy, Thomas C. 301

Giles Farnaby Suite Trans. Jacob, Gordon 316

If Thou Be Near Bach, Johann Sebastian/Reed 324

In the Forest of the King La Plante, Pierre 330

Military Symphony in F Gossec, Francois Joseph/

Goldman and Leist 336

On a Southern Hymnsong Holsinger, David R. 344

Portraits Colonna, Jim 353

Prairie Songs La Plante, Pierre 359

Prelude in the Dorian Mode de Cab�zon, Antonio /

Brion and Brand 365

Salvation Is Created Tschesnokoff, Pavel/Houseknecht 370

Serenade Bourgeois, Derek 375

Shenandoah Ticheli, Frank 380

Sussex Mummers Christmas Carol Grainger, Percy/Goldman 388

Ukrainian Folksongs Stevens, Halsey/Schaefer 392

Walls of Zion Danner, Greg 402


Grade Four

A Festival Prelude Reed, Alfred 413

A Moorside Suite Holst, Gustav/Wright 421

After a Gentle Rain Iannaccone, Anthony 432

American Overture for Band Jenkins, Joseph Willcox 438

An American Elegy Ticheli, Frank 444

Be Thou My Vision Gillingham, David 450

Blue Lake Overture Chance, John Barnes 455

Elsa-s Procession to the Cathedral Wagner, Richard/Cailliet 462

Epinicion Paulson, John 470

Five Miniatures Turina, Joaquin 474

Folk Dances Shostakovich, Dmitri/Vakhutinskii 482

Handel in the Strand Grainger, Percy 487

Lullaby for Kirsten Bassett, Leslie 498

Morning Alleluias for the Winter Solstice Nelson, Ron 502

Pastorale Nocturne Yurko, Bruce 520

Puszta Van der Roost, Jan 527

Serenade for Band Persichetti, Vincent 543

Slava! Bernstein, Leonard 551

Songs Without Words Welcher, Dan 555

Symphonic Dance No. 3 ("Fiesta�) Williams, Clifton 566


Grade Five

Aegean Festival Overture Makris, Andreas 575

Bacchanale Rudin, Rolf 583

Bugs Cichy, Roger 590

Danceries Hesketh, Kenneth 603

Dies Natalis Hanson, Howard 623

Divertimento Hearshen, Ira 628

Fanfare and Allegro Williams, Clifton 636

French Impressions Woolfenden, Guy 644

Gloriosa Ito, Yasuhide 656

Music for a Festival Jacob, Gordon 664

Pastime Stamp, Jack 670

Santa Fe Saga Gould, Morton 673

Southern Harmony Grantham, Donald 680

Southwestern Sketches Adler, Samuel 694

The Final Covenant Tull, Fisher 704

The Red Pony: Film Suite for Band Copland, Aaron 711

The Sword and the Crown Gregson, Edward 715

Variations on a Theme by Robert Schumann Jager, Robert 725

Vesuvius Ticheli, Frank 733

Yiddish Dances Gorb, Adam 740


Grade Six

American Games Maw, Nicholas 749

Canvas Walker, George Theophilus, Jr. 755

Ceremonial Rands, Bernard 764

Dream Sequence, Op. 224 Krenek, Ernst 772

Et exspecto resurrectionem Messiaen, Olivier 781

Fascinating Ribbons Tower, Joan 799

J-ai �t� au bal Grantham, Donald 803

Les Couleurs Fauves Husa, Karel 813

Masquerade Variations on a Theme

of Sergei Prokofiev Gryc, Stephen Michael 824

Mosaic Tippett, Michael 840

Myaku Dzubay, David 854

Propagula Linn, Robert 862

"Red Cape Tango� from Metropolis Symphony

Daugherty, Michael/ Spede 870

Rocky Point Holiday Nelson, Ron 880

Symphony No. 4 Maslanka, David 887

Symphony on Themes of John Philip Sousa Hearshen, Ira 900

The Warriors Grainger, Percy/Pappajohn 916

Three City Blocks Harbison, John 924

Timepiece McTee, Cindy 935

Urban Requiem Colgrass, Michael 943


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