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Do This in Remembrance of Me
Larry Visser G-8693 Calvin Inst $2.20
Peace I Give to You
Larry Visser G-6850 Calvin Inst $2.20
Where You Go I Will Go
SAB; Congregation
Sean Ivory G-7743 Calvin Inst $2.35
God Go before You
Roy Hopp G-8270 Calvin Inst $2.35
Christus Paradox | Download Edition Alfred V. Fedak D-5463 Calvin Inst $2.35
By the Waters of Babylon
Based on a Jewish melody.
David Buley G-5941 Calvin Inst $2.35
Kyrie and Gloria
Michiel Karatem
Arr. Joel Navarro
G-7463 Calvin Inst $2.00
What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Arr. Alfred V. Fedak
G-6357 Calvin Inst $1.60
Mary's Story: As Told by St. Luke
This provocative story of the Virgin Mary's encounter with an angel and the journey to visit her relative Elizabeth is set for reader, solo trumpet or flugelhorn, and organ. It is intended that this piece be followed by Ferguson's Magnificat (G-6667).
John Ferguson G-6668 Calvin Inst $5.00
Hush the Ocean Wild
Jonathan D. Campbell G-9173 Calvin Inst $2.20
What Grace Is This!
G.A. Hennig
Arr. Larry Visser
G-9314 Calvin Inst $2.35
Many Colors Paint the Rainbow | Printed Edition
SATB divisi
Text by Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr.
Roy Hopp G-5465 Calvin Inst $2.45
Many Colors Paint the Rainbow | Download Edition Roy Hopp D-5465 Calvin Inst $2.45
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis
Two Canticles for Evensong
John E. Hare G-5479 Calvin Inst $1.70
For the Mountains Shall Depart
Two-part mixed

Arr. Sue Ellen Page
G-8004 Calvin Inst $2.20
O Come, My Soul, Sing Praise to God
Concertato on TIDINGS
SATB; Congregation
James Walch
Arr. Larry Visser
G-8272 Calvin Inst $2.55
O How I Love Jesus
Henry Wellington Greatorex
Arr. Craig Kenath Sandford
G-9117 Calvin Inst $2.35
There Is Nothing Left to Fear
SATB; Solo; Assembly
Valerie Shields G-6427 Calvin Inst $1.85
You Who Were Rich
quelle est cette odeur agréable
John W. Worst G-5469 Calvin Inst $1.40
Now May God, the God of Hope
Larry Visser G-7880 Calvin Inst $2.45
Psalm 28: The Lord Is the Strength of His People
SATB, assembly
Sean Ivory G-6100 Calvin Inst $1.70
O God, Why Are You Silent?
Hans Leo Hassler
Arr. Marty Haugen
G-6099 Calvin Inst $1.70
Song of Simeon
Le cantique de Simeon
Louis Bourgeois / John D. Witvliet
Arr. Claude Goudimel
G-5467 Calvin Inst $1.30
In God's Temple, Praise the Lord God
Geonyong Lee
Arr. Swee Hong Lim
G-7932 Calvin Inst $2.45
Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation / Voices Raised to You We Offer
SATB; Assembly
Henry Purcell
Arr. Kevin Vogt
G-6587 Calvin Inst $2.35
Come and Worship God
Maa thoed rao rong phleng
Inchai Srisuwan
Arr. Swee Hong Lim
G-8271 Calvin Inst $2.35
Yuan Quan-Neng Zhu Shang-Di
May the Lord, Gracious God
Pao-chen Li
Arr. Swee Hong Lim
G-7933 Calvin Inst $2.20
The Light Within
Steven Sametz G-6359 Calvin Inst $1.40
Seven Short Choral Meditations
SATB divisi
Larry Visser G-8694 Calvin Inst $2.55
O God beyond All Praising
Text by Michael Perry.
Gustav Holst / Michael Perry
Arr. Douglas E. Schoen
G-5466 Calvin Inst $1.60

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