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The Coventry Carol
An English melody.

Arr. Steve Pilkington
G-6102 Evoking Sound $2.20
Choral Reflection on Amazing Grace - SSATBB edition | Printed Edition
SSATBB, Soprano Solo, Mezzo-soprano Solo

Arr. Roger Ames
G-5926 Evoking Sound $2.45
Venite Exultemus Domino
G-5930 Evoking Sound $2.35
Psalm 100 (Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt)
Solfège edition: Major, Relative Minor modes.
G-5929 Evoking Sound $2.55
She Moved through the Faire
Irish traditional. Solfège edition: D Mixolydian.

Arr. Roger Ames
G-6507 Evoking Sound $1.50
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
An African-American Spiritual.

Arr. Gail B. Poch
G-5927 Evoking Sound $2.20
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

Arr. Marilyn Shenenberger
G-6486 Evoking Sound $1.85
Masters in This Hall
A fine concert arrangement of this fast moving French carol scored for women’s chorus.

Arr. Marilyn Shenenberger
G-6505 Evoking Sound $1.70
Choral Reflection on "Amazing Grace" - SSAA edition
SSAA; Soprano Solo; Mezzo-Soprano Solo
A serious choral work for women’s chorus.

Arr. Roger Ames
G-7198 Evoking Sound $2.45
Veni, Domine / Herr, erhöre uns
Drei Motetten für weibliche Stimmen mit Begleitung der Orgel, op. 39
G-6980 Evoking Sound $1.85
Choral Reflection on Amazing Grace - SSATBB edition | Download Edition D-5926 Evoking Sound $2.45
Calme des Nuits
Stillness of the Nights
G-7605 Evoking Sound $2.20
Fix Me, Jesus

Arr. Brandon Waddles
G-8293 Evoking Sound $2.20
Choral Reflection on "Amazing Grace" - TTBB edition
TTBB; Tenor Solo; Baritone Solo

Arr. Roger Ames
G-8542 Evoking Sound $2.45
Go Down, Moses
SATB divisi

Arr. Roger Ames
G-8587 Evoking Sound $2.35
Cert'nly, Lord
SATB divisi; Tenor Solo; Baritone Solo

Arr. Brandon Waddles
G-8677 Evoking Sound $2.45
SATB divisi

Arr. Brandon Waddles
G-8685 Evoking Sound $2.45
Three Spiritual Songs
Steal Away / City Called Heaven / Balm in Gilead
SATB divisi; Mezzo Soprano Solo; Tenor Solo

Arr. Brandon Waddles
G-8686 Evoking Sound $2.85
Two Light Spirituals
Is a Light Shining in the Heaven? / Hold Out Your Light
SATB divisi

Arr. Brandon Waddles
G-8872 Evoking Sound $2.45
Dry Bones
SATB divisi

Arr. Brandon Waddles
G-8873 Evoking Sound $2.35
Ich bin die Auferstehung
Ostern Motette / Easter Motet
Albert Becker G-9286 Evoking Sound $2.20
Befiehl dem Herrn deine Wege
Motette zum Jahreswechsel / Motet for the New Year
Albert Becker G-9285 Evoking Sound $2.35
Komm, Heiliger Geist
Pfingstmotette / Pentecost Motet
Albert Becker G-9287 Evoking Sound $2.20
Missa Brevis San Francesco d’Assisi - Kyrie
Anthony Bernarducci G-9262 Evoking Sound $2.00
The One and the Many
Anthony J. Maglione G-7407 Evoking Sound $1.95
O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee
SATB divisi
Anthony J. Maglione G-7343 Evoking Sound $2.35
O Thou Great Power, in Whom I Move
SATB divisi
Anthony J. Maglione G-7968 Evoking Sound $2.45
Out of the Depths
Anthony J. Maglione G-7818 Evoking Sound $2.65
O Vos Omnes
You will want to add this modern motet to your Passiontide repertoire. One of the easier pieces in this series aimed primarily at the best high school, college, and professional choirs.
Blake R. Henson G-6483 Evoking Sound $2.20
Arise, My Love
SATB divisi; Solos
Solfège edition.
Blake R. Henson G-7038 Evoking Sound $2.35

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