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A Broken Heart
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Luke Mayernik G-7196 Celebration $2.00
A Festival Gathering
Come, All You People (Uyai Mose) / Alabaré / Plenty Good Room / All Are Welcome
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly

Arr. Tony Alonso
G-6976 Celebration $2.35
A Future with Hope | Printed Edition
SATB; Cantors; Solos; Assembly
David Haas G-7164 Celebration $2.00
A Future with Hope | Download Edition David Haas D-7164 Celebration $2.00
A Generous Heart
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Chris de Silva G-8667 Celebration $2.00
A Great Cloud of Witnesses
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Marty Haugen G-9009 Celebration $2.15
A House of Prayer
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Tony Alonso G-8902 Celebration $2.20
A Light Shines
Unison with descant; Cantor
David Haas G-5188 Celebration $1.30
A Living Hope
Michel Guimont G-3688 Celebration $0.80
A Means of Your Peace
SATB, solo
Timothy Valentine
Arr. Peter Valentine
G-4819 Celebration $1.30
A New Heaven and Earth
Marty Haugen G-5757 Celebration $1.50
A New Song
James E. Moore G-2785 Celebration $1.80
A Place at the Table
Two-part equal; Two-part mixed
a Powerful, driving setting of a powerful text of justice and inclusion.
Lori True G-5677 Celebration $2.15
A True Encounter
SATB; Solo
Liam Lawton
Arr. Chris de Silva
G-8668 Celebration $2.15
Abide, O Spirit of Life | Printed Edition
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Practical and serviceable-vintage Haas.
David Haas G-6691 Celebration $2.00
Abide, O Spirit of Life | Download Edition David Haas D-6691 Celebration $2.00
Abundant Life
SATB, solo (cantor)
Text by Ruth Duck.
Rob Glover G-3952 Celebration $2.15
Abundant Life
Text by Ruth Duck.
Marty Haugen G-4281 Celebration $2.15
Acts of God
SATB; Solo
Rory Cooney G-8756 Celebration $2.15
Advent Alleluia
G-3157 Celebration $2.00
Advent Herald, The
This music is a perfect match for Brian Wren’s unconventional text about John the Baptist;
Rory Cooney G-4972 Celebration $1.20
After the Rain
Liam Lawton / John Drummond G-5979 Celebration $1.40
Against the Grain
Four-part equal; Four-part mixed
Donna Peña G-3363 Celebration $0.80
Ain’t You Got a Right
SATB, solo
Neil Farrell / Traditional Spiritual
Arr. Pamela Warrick-Smith
G-4247 Celebration $1.30
SATB; Solo; Adults with children
James E. Moore G-5735 Celebration $1.30
Alive in Christ Jesus
David Haas G-4871 Celebration $2.00
All Creation, Sing Praise
Unison with descant; Assembly
David Haas G-8337 Celebration $2.00
All Glory Is Yours
Bob Moore G-4934 Celebration $2.00
All I Have Is Yours
Unison with descant; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
David Haas G-8852 Celebration $1.80
All I Want
Unison, descant, cantor
David Haas G-5190 Celebration $2.00