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The Name | Download Edition D-7753 AACMS $2.35
Guide My Feet | Printed Edition

Arr. Avis D. Graves
G-5952 AACMS $2.20
O for a Faith
SATB; Alto Solo; Bass Solo
/ Nathan Carter G-5924 AACMS $2.20
Jesus, You Brought Me All the Way
SATB; Solo
A high-energy, rocking gospel processional.

Arr. Kenneth W. Louis
G-6131 AACMS $1.50
My Soul Is Anchored in the Lord
SATB; Tenor Solo

Arr. Charles Garner
G-6137 AACMS $2.45
What ’Cha Gonna Call the Pretty Little Baby
SATB; Solo

Arr. Ronald L Stevens
G-6058 AACMS $2.00
Done Made My Vow

Arr. Frederick Young
G-5847 AACMS $1.60
We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder
The style is slow, smooth, traditional gospel. Sweet!

Arr. Horace Clarence Boyer
G-5826 AACMS $2.20
Go Where I Send Thee

Arr. Uzee Brown, Jr.
G-5777 AACMS $2.55
Seek the Lord
SATB; Soprano Solo

Arr. Glenn L. Jones
G-6025 AACMS $2.20
More Love to Thee
More Love to Thee; O How I Love Jesus; My Jesus, I Love Thee; Is There Anybody Here; My Soul Loves Jesus; More Love to Thee
SATB, soprano solo
Medley of "More Love to Thee," "O How I Love Jesus," "My Jesus, I Love Thee," "Is There Anybody Here," and " My Soul Loves Jesus."

Arr. Joseph Joubert
G-5843 AACMS $2.45
The Glorious Medley | Printed Edition
This setting brought 7,000 ministers to their feet at a 2008 summer conference!

Arr. Omar J Dickenson
G-7357 AACMS $2.45
Rock-a My Soul
Bosom of Abraham
SSAATTBB; Soprano Solo; Alto Solo; Bass Solo

Arr. Uzee Brown, Jr.
G-5749 AACMS $2.20
Travelin' Shoes
A strong affirmation of faith.

Arr. Uzee Brown, Jr.
G-6317 AACMS $2.00
Hold On - TTBB edition
TTBB; Baritone Solo; Bass Solo

Arr. Uzee Brown, Jr.
G-6345 AACMS $2.35
I Want Jesus to Walk with Me | Printed Edition
Another great one for high school or college choruses.

Arr. Colin Lett
G-6242 AACMS $2.35
I Want to See My Jesus Someday
A traditional Caribbean song scored for SATB voices and piano.

Arr. Glenn L. Jones
G-5805 AACMS $1.60
We Shall Walk through the Valley

Arr. Undine Smith Moore
G-6434 AACMS $2.20
Fanfare and Processional
SATB; Soprano Solo

Arr. Undine Smith Moore
G-6435 AACMS $1.50
Go Where I Send Thee

Arr. Uzee Brown, Jr.
G-5778 AACMS $1.95
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
SATB, descant
Includes stirring fanfare and interlude with modulation.
G-5850 AACMS $2.20
Fix Me, Jesus
SATTBB; Soprano Solo; Baritone Solo
Wonderful arranging by a young, promising writer.

Arr. Colin Lett
G-6240 AACMS $1.60
Hold On
SSAATTBB; Alto Solo; Baritone Solo

Arr. Colin Lett
G-6241 AACMS $1.60
The Blind Man Stood on the Road and Cried
SSAATB; Tenor Solo
A good anthem on Mark 10:46, 52.

Arr. Salone T. Clary
G-6245 AACMS $2.20
I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now
SATB; Soprano Solo; Baritone Solo
Scored for soprano and baritone solos with solid choral harmonies.

Arr. William Barks-Dale
G-6318 AACMS $1.60
Bound for Canaan's Land
SATB; Soprano Solo; Tenor Solo

Arr. Undine Smith Moore
G-6499 AACMS $2.20
Oh, Glory!
A Medley
SATB; Soprano Solo
A medley of "Oh, Glory," "Plenty Good Room," "New Home in Glory," “The Crown," and "’Tis the Old Ship of Zion."

Arr. Joseph Joubert
G-6676 AACMS $2.55
When the Holy Ghost Fell on Me

Arr. J. Weldon Norris
G-6626 AACMS $2.20
Thank You, Jesus | Printed Edition
SATB; Baritone Solo

Arr. J. Weldon Norris
G-6678 AACMS $1.85
Jesus, Lay Yo' Head in de Winda'
SATB; Soprano Solo; Tenor Solo

Arr. Joseph Joubert
G-6332 AACMS $2.35

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