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Gaudeamus! Richard Proulx - MP3 icon-listen

Gaudeamus! Richard Proulx - Concord Brass Ensemble

Concord Brass Ensemble X-50318 $1.29
The Richard Proulx Hymnary Richard Proulx G-7070 $20.95
Two Settings of the Revised Order of Mass 2010 by Richard Proulx
Corpus Christi Mass / Missa Emmanuel
Richard Proulx G-8145CD $5.00
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O Come, All Ye Faithful - Instrumental Part | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-4321INST $2.50
Hildegard's Song of Creation | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-8049 Manuscript $2.25
The Stars Declare His Glory - Handbells
Creation Hymn Fantasy
Richard Proulx / Conrad Kocher
Arr. Kevin McChesney
G-9478 Resounding Faith $5.50
Psalm for Easter Day - Harp | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-5383HARP $3.00
Psalm for Easter Day - Instrumental Set B | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-5383INSTB $14.00
Psalm for Easter Day - Instrumental Set A | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-5383INSTA $9.50
Gospel Acclamations | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-8048 Manuscript $2.15
Voices of Angels - CD Liam Lawton CD-1013 $16.95
Christmas at Midnight—Psalm 95(96) - Instrumenatal Set | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-2538INST $17.00
Angels We Have Heard on High - Instrumental Part | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-4322INST $2.50
Voices of Angels - Music Collection Liam Lawton G-9386 $16.50
Three Festival Hymns | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-4009 $25.00
Antiphonal Gloria from "Congregational Mass," 1970 | Download Edition
Revised Order of Mass 2010
Unison; Cantor; Assembly
John Lee
Arr. Richard Proulx
D-7996 Ritual Prayer $2.00
Irish Alleluia, The - Instrumental Set | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-4464INST Instrument Part $14.00
Easter Carol - Instrumental Part | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-4465INST $3.50
Resurrexit sicut dixit / Christ Yesterday and Today | Printed Edition
SATB; Baritone Solo
Richard Proulx G-8046 Manuscript $8.00
Antiphons and Acclamations | Printed Edition
For the Procession of the Elect at the Great Vigil of Easter
SATB; Cantor; Assembly
Richard Proulx G-8040 Manuscript $1.80
Where Your Glory Abides | Printed Edition
SATB; Assembly
Richard Proulx G-8065 Manuscript $2.50
The Pelican | Printed Edition
Richard Proulx G-8057 Manuscript $1.95
Psalm 98 | Printed Edition
with The Lectionary Refrains
SATB; Two-part mixed; Two-part equal; Cantor; Assembly
Richard Proulx G-8058 Manuscript $2.15
Te Deum Laudamus | Printed Edition
SATB; Treble Choir; Assembly
Richard Proulx G-8059 Manuscript $9.00
The Just Man Shall Flourish | Printed Edition
Unison; Solo
Richard Proulx G-8060 Manuscript $1.95
This Is the Day the Lord Has Made | Printed Edition
Richard Proulx G-8061 Manuscript $1.80
Transfiguration | Printed Edition
Richard Proulx G-8062 Manuscript $2.15
The Trumpeters and Singers Became as One | Printed Edition
Richard Proulx G-8063 Manuscript $2.50
The Way of Saint James | Printed Edition
Camino de Santiago
Richard Proulx G-8064 Manuscript $1.95
Passion according to Saint John | Printed Edition
SATB; Soprano Solo; Tenor Solo; Baritone Solo; Bass Solo
Richard Proulx G-8056 Manuscript $4.00
Deo Gratias | Download Edition Richard Proulx D-6869 $19.95
Four Festival Hymns, Vol. II (2) | Download Edition
opt desc
Richard Proulx D-5528 $30.00
Two Seventeenth-Century Carols for Easter and Pentecost

Arr. Richard Proulx
G-9196 Proulx Legacy $2.00

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