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The Common Cold
Paul Basler G-WJMS1077 $1.90
Were You There? David Ogden G-RAB55/29 RSCM $2.20
The Advent Sequence: Veni Emmanuel
An Advent Carol Service and Advent Resources
Unison to SATB
G-8511 RSCM $13.50
Christ Has No Body Now but Yours
Unison with descant
Text attributed to Teresa of Avila.
David Ogden G-6127 RSCM $2.00
Love's Redeeming Work Is Done
SATB; Unison
Bold, jubilant, and musically interesting!
David Ogden G-6547 RSCM $2.25
The Word Revealed
A festival service to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible
various unison to SATB
G-RS40 RSCM $12.90
The Bronze Collection - Book 2
More Easy Anthems and Songs for RSCM Bronze and Dean's Award
G-9086 $17.00
Voice for Life Songbook 2
More songs to get your choir singing!
G-7454 RSCM $35.00
The Silver Collection - Book 1
Thirty Anthems and Songs for the RSCM Silver and Bishop's Awards
G-6811 RSCM $20.00
The Bronze Collection - Book 1
Thirty-Six Anthems and Songs for the RSCM Bronze and Dean's Awards
G-6812 RSCM $18.00

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