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Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The
Passion Gospels
/ Robert J. Batastini G-4988 $45.00
While by the Sheep
A classic “echo” carol.
G-5047 Christmas $1.80
What Child Is This
This arrangement has somewhat of a light jazz feel and uses the SAB voices to embellish the tune.

Arr. Robert J. Batastini
G-5364 Christmas $2.00
What Child Is This - Guitar edition | Printed Edition
Arr. Robert J. Batastini
G-5364G $5.50
Lectionary Psalms: Joseph Gelineau, SJ / Michel Guimont
The Revised Grail Psalms as found in Worship, Fourth Edition
/ Michel Guimont G-8151 $34.95
Go Tell It on the Mountain / Robert J. Batastini
Arr. Philip L. Roberts
D-HB0033 Handbells $2.00
Were You There / Robert J. Batastini
Arr. Linda R. Lamb
D-HB0091 Handbells $2.00
Praise and Thanksgiving / Robert J. Batastini
Arr. Philip L. Roberts
D-HB0326 Handbells $2.00
In Monte Oliveti
Out on the Mount of Olives
Anton Bruckner G-5549 Choral $1.30
To Be Your Presence
Concertato on ENGELBERG
A hymn that reminds us that our mission is to be the presence of Christ in the world.
C.V. Stanford G-5413 $2.00
The Tomb Is Empty
SATB; Assembly
Text by Sylvia Dunstan.
David Haas
Arr. Robert J. Batastini
G-6158 Celebration $2.15
Ave Maria
A new edition of the well-known Arcadelt setting.
Jacques Arcadelt
Arr. Robert J. Batastini
G-4892 Choral $1.80
A Primer for the Visiting Organist
A Primer for the Visiting Organist covers everything from the order of service to the question of receiving communion. There is a wealth of information here—no organist should travel without it.
James Abbington / Robert J. Batastini / Carol A. Doran / David E Eicher / Scott A. Kumer / David W. Music / Don Saliers / Paul Westermeyer G-6814 $14.95
Let the Church Sing On!
Reflections on Black Sacred Music
James Abbington G-7635 $17.95
Away in a Manger James R. Murray / Robert J. Batastini
Arr. Philip L. Roberts
D-HB0035 Handbells $2.00
Psalm 122—I Rejoiced
Cantor, assembly
Richard Proulx / Robert J. Batastini G-3897 Cantor/Cong $4.00
The Cantor's Book of Gospel Acclamations
Robert J. Batastini G-4987 $34.00
A Cappella Carols for Sidewalk Carolers
Robert J. Batastini G-5349 Music Collection $4.50
Liturgy of the Hours for the Easter Triduum-Assembly Edition Robert J. Batastini G-5442P $2.25
Gaudete | Printed Edition
A bestselling Renaissance gem for Christmas.
Robert J. Batastini G-3056 Christmas $1.80
A Child Is Born in Bethlehem
An annual bestseller
Robert J. Batastini G-2309 Christmas $1.80
Robert J. Batastini G-2315 Christmas $2.00
Easter Proclamation
Cantor, assembly
ICEL text transcribed from the Vatican Edition.
Robert J. Batastini G-2351 Ritual Prayer $5.25
You Will Draw Water—Isaiah 12
Cantor, assembly,
Robert J. Batastini G-2443 Cantor/Cong $3.50
Gospel Acclamation for Funerals
Cantor, assembly
Robert J. Batastini G-3550 Cantor/Cong $3.00
Liturgy of the Hours for Easter Triduum
Leader; Cantor
Robert J. Batastini G-5442 $9.95
Liturgy of the Hours for the Easter Triduum, Accompaniment Robert J. Batastini G-5442A $14.95
What Child Is This - Instrumental Part Robert J. Batastini G-5364INST $3.50
Gaudete | Download Edition Robert J. Batastini D-3056 Christmas $1.80
The Play of the Godhead Robert J. Batastini
Arr. Michael Helman
D-HB0130 Handbells $2.00

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