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Jubilate Deo Various G-1909 Music Collection $1.20
Jubilate Deo
Attractive and carefully edited with a new keyboard part in the style of Mozart.
Richard Proulx G-5418 Choral $2.00
Jubilate Deo Hans Leo Hassler G-2072 Instrumental $9.50
Jubilate Deo
O Be Joyful
Mark W. Frazier G-2743 Choral $0.80
Jubilate Deo
Two-part mixed; Two-part equal
Gordon King G-5679 Singing Our Faith $1.30
Jubilate Deo - MP3
Catholic Latin Classics
Mozart, W.A. X-48609 $1.29
Jubilate Deo - MP3
Choral Subscription - Winter 2006
GIA Artists X-5679a $1.29
Jubilate Deo - MP3
Choral Subscription - Winter 2006
GIA Artists X-5418a $1.29
Jubilate Deo - MP3 Taizé, X-39916 $1.29
Jubilate Deo - MP3 Benjamin Britten X-99507 $1.29
Jubilate Deo - MP3 X-99105 $1.29
Jubilate Deo (Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord)
Giovanni Gabrieli
Arr. Karl-Heinz Schnee
G-W6041 $2.85
Jubilate Deo (SATB)
David N. Childs G-WW1411 Walton $2.55
Jubilate Deo (SSATBB with SATB solos)
SSATBB with SATB solos or small ensemble
Ivo Antognini G-WJMS1161 Jo-Michael Scheibe $3.30
Jubilate Deo - Accompaniment
G-1910 Music Collection $11.00
Jubilate Deo — Psalm 100
Joel Martinson G-3712 Choral $2.15
Broad Match Results
Alleluia | Printed Edition
From Exultate Jubilate
from Exultate, Jubilate

Arr. David Patrick
G-4210 RSCM $2.20
Alleluia from Exultate, Jubilate - MP3
Choral Subscription - Fall 1996
X-4210a $1.29
Book of Common Prayer 1662
Hugo Langrish G-RA297 RSCM $2.40
Jubilate - CD Taizé, / Jacques Berthier CD-284 $16.95
Jubilate - Cassette Taizé, / Jacques Berthier CS-284 $10.95
Jubilate - MP3
Immortal Gregorian Chant
Part One
X-18310 $1.29
Jubilate - MP3 Album Taizé, X-28400 $12.99
Jubilate - Three Contrasted Settings
Various G-RA446 RSCM $3.05
Jubilate Agno - MP3 Various X-37207 $2.59
Jubilate Coeli - MP3 Taizé, X-65114 $1.29
Jubilate coeli/Heavens Rejoice - MP3 Taizé, X-32505 $1.29
Jubilate in G major
Walford Davies G-RWD32 RSCM $2.20
Jubilate servite - MP3 Taizé, X-26619 $1.29
Jubilate Servite - MP3 Pro Musica - William Chin, Director X-87801 $1.29
Jubilate, Aleluya - MP3 Taizé, X-49811 $1.29
Jubilate, alleluia - MP3 Taizé, X-52911 $1.29
Jubilate, servite - MP3
Sing with the World - Global Songs for Children
Bell/Adam X-77110 $1.29
Jubilate, servite - MP3 Taizé, X-28401 $1.29
Jubilate, Servite Jacques Berthier D-HB0474 Handbells $2.00
Jubilate, Servite / Raise a Song of Gladness Jacques Berthier D-HB0171 Handbells $2.00

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