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Covenant Hymn
Gary Daigle G-3977 Celebration $2.15
Create in Me / Crea en Mí
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Tony Alonso
Arr. Chris de Silva
G-8273 Celebration $2.25
Creating God
Unison; SATB
David Haas G-3329 Celebration $1.50
Creator of the Stars of Night
Marty Haugen G-3566 Celebration $2.00
Creed: We Believe
SATB, cantor, congregation
Jeremy Young G-2847 Celebration $0.70
Cry Out with Joy and Gladness
SATB, cantor
Leon C. Roberts G-4602 Celebration $1.50
Death No More
SATB; Solo
David Haas G-5669 Celebration $1.40
Dedicate Yourselves
Two-part equal; Two-part mixed; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
David Haas G-9488 Celebration $2.00
Deep Down I Know
SATB, cantor
David Haas G-4342 Celebration $1.60
Deep Down in My Soul
SATB/Unison, cantor, descant
Rob Glover G-3953 Celebration $1.40
Deep Within
2 equal or mixed voices, unison
A song of renewal and commitment to the law of God.
David Haas G-3338 Celebration $2.00
Defenseless Now He Hangs
Text by Herman Stuempfle.
Kathy Powell G-5796 Celebration $1.50
Deo Gloria!
Carol Browning G-5889 Celebration $1.50
Digo "Si," Señor
I Say, "Yes," Lord; I Say, "Yes," My Lord
Donna Peña G-3362 Celebration $1.40
Do Not Be Afraid
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Jeanne Cotter G-9325 Celebration $2.25
Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled | Printed Edition
David Haas G-4349 Celebration $2.00
Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled | Download Edition
David Haas D-4349 Celebration $2.00
Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep
Michael Connolly G-3847 Celebration $1.50
Do Not Worry
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Paul A. Tate G-9092 Celebration $2.00
Do This in Memory of Me
David Haas G-5659 Celebration $2.00
Do You Believe / Certainly, Lord
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly

Arr. Ray East
G-7675 Celebration $2.00
Do You Know Me?
SATB or unison
James E. Moore G-3172 Celebration $1.40
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
John L. Bell G-8277 Celebration $2.00
Don't Turn Away
SAB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Chris de Silva G-7574 Celebration $2.00
Dona nobis pacem
Song of Blessing
SATB; Cantor
Marty Haugen G-5099 Celebration $1.30
Down to the River to Pray
SATB; Solo; Assembly

Arr. David Haas
G-7722 Celebration $2.15
Dust and Ashes | Printed Edition
2-part, assembly
David Haas G-3655 Celebration $2.00
Dust and Ashes | Download Edition
2-part, assembly
David Haas D-3655 Celebration $2.00
E Na Lima Hana
The Working Hands
3 mixed voices
David Haas G-4735 Celebration $2.00
Easter Alleluia
Marty Haugen G-3594 Celebration $2.00