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Canticle of the Turning
SATB; Assembly

Arr. John Ferguson
G-7499 Choral $2.15
Canticle of Zechariah
SATB; Assembly
J. Michael Joncas G-7138 Choral $2.25
Canticles for Voices and Percussion
2 equal voices
Richard Proulx G-1996 Choral $2.50
High voices
John Russell G-2057 Choral $0.90
Carol of the Visitation
George Brandon G-1718 Choral $0.40
Carry Us in Your Arms
J. Keith Zavelli / Steven Janco G-3609 Choral $2.00
Cast Your Bread upon the Waters
Daniel C. Meyer G-4810 Choral $1.20
Celtic Hymn of Praise
I Offer Thee Everything
Sam Batt Owens G-2321 Choral $0.80
Cert’nly, Lord
Certainly, Lord
SATB, solo

Arr. Alice Parker
G-4239 Choral $1.30
Chant for the Universe
SATB, narrator
Richard Proulx G-3643 Choral $1.50
Child of God
An intimate text.
Luke Mayernik G-6864 Choral $1.60
Children of the Heavenly Father
A gentle setting of a Swedish folk tune.
Henry V. Gerike G-2631 Choral $1.40
Christ Be in Your Senses
Text by Mary Louise Bringle.
William Rowan G-5708 Choral $1.30
Christ Be My Song
2 equal or mixed voices
Hal H. Hopson G-3422 Choral $1.80
Christ Be Near at Either Hand
SATB; Assembly
J. Michael Joncas G-7497 Choral $2.25
Christ Be with Me
A Prayer of St. Patrick
Bob Moore G-3855 Choral $1.30
Christ Became Obedient for Us unto Death
John Lee G-1554 Choral $0.70
Christ Became Obedient for Us unto Death
2 equal voices
John Lee G-1801 Choral $0.70
Christ for the World We Sing | Printed Edition
Paul Ritchie G-8661 Choral $2.00
Christ for the World We Sing | Download Edition
Paul Ritchie D-8661 Choral $2.00
Christ Is Arisen
Christ ist erstanden
Nancy Klein G-1524 Choral $0.90
Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation
Henry Purcell
Arr. Robert J. Powell
G-5827 Choral $2.25
Christ Is Risen
Noël Goemanne G-0527 Choral $0.80
Christ Is Risen
A Processional/Anthem for Easter
Pierre de Corbel / Mark Mataranglo G-3717 Choral $1.20
Christ Is Risen from the Dead
Entrance Song from the Rangueil Mass
From The Rangueil Mass.
G-4612 Choral $0.90
Christ Is Risen from the Dead
Walter Ehret G-6581 Choral $2.00
Christ Is Risen, Christ Is Living
Two-part mixed
Austin C. Lovelace G-5267 Choral $2.00
Christ Is the Day
Gentle, lilting lines gradually build.
Bob Moore G-4938 Choral $1.40
Christ Is the World's Light

Arr. William Rowan
G-7775 Choral $2.15
Christ Is the World's Redeemer
Concertato on MOVILLE
SATB; Assembly
A fabulous piece for Christ the King or any festive occasion.

Arr. John Ferguson
G-6665 Choral $2.15