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Easter Light - Handbells
A Trinitarian Praise
Jeffrey Honoré G-9023 Resounding Faith $4.95
Ave Maria - Handbells
Two Settings: Bach / Gounod and Schubert
Johann Sebastian Bach / Franz Schubert / Charles Gounod
Arr. Matthew Prins
G-7042 Resounding Faith $4.95
Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs - Handbells John A. Behnke G-7826 Resounding Faith $4.95
Holy, Holy, Holy - Handbells John Bacchus Dykes
Arr. Kiyo Watanabe
G-7449 Resounding Faith $5.00
Legend - Handbells John Dare G-6177 Resounding Faith $3.95
Festive Pastorale - Handbells John Dare G-6009 Resounding Faith $2.95
Israel in the Wilderness - Handbells John Dare G-5764 Resounding Faith $2.95
Land of Milk and Honey - Handbells John Dare G-5766 Resounding Faith $2.95
King David Dances before the Lord - Handbells John Dare G-5767 Resounding Faith $3.95
Turnings - Handbells John Dare G-5874 Resounding Faith $3.95
Soundscape - Handbells John Dare G-6599 Resounding Faith $4.95
Rejoice! Give Thanks and Sing - Handbells John Darwall / Arthur Henry Messiter
Arr. Joshua A. Evanovich
G-7288 Resounding Faith $4.95
Rejoice, the Lord Is King! - Handbells John Darwall
Arr. Sandra Eithun
G-8950 Resounding Faith $4.25
O Come, All Ye Faithful - Handbells John F. Wade
Arr. Bob Burroughs
G-9207 Resounding Faith $5.50
Prelude on DUKE STREET - Handbells
Jesus Shall Reign / I Know That My Redeemer Lives
John Hatton
Arr. Joshua A. Evanovich
G-8541 Resounding Faith $4.25
Prelude on DUKE STREET - Handbells
Jesus Shall Reign / I Know That My Redeemer Lives
John Hatton
Arr. Joshua A. Evanovich
G-8939 Resounding Faith $4.25
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah - Handbells John Hughes
Arr. John Atteberry
G-8938 Resounding Faith $4.95
In Silent Pain the Eternal Son - Handbells John L. Bell
Arr. James Biery
G-8943 Resounding Faith $4.95
Reflections from Iona - Handbells
Take, O Take Me As I Am / Take This Moment / Be Still and Know
John L. Bell
Arr. Karen K. Thompson
G-8947 Resounding Faith $4.95
Advent Lullaby for the Child - Handbells
Advent Lullaby / What Child Is This
John L. Bell
Arr. Nancy A. Norman
G-8948 Resounding Faith $4.95
In the Presence of the Angels - Handbells
Vocal Solo; Narration
Joseph A. Genito
Arr. Sandra Eithun
G-8632 Resounding Faith $5.50
Morning Thoughts - Handbells Karl Kay G-5772 Resounding Faith $4.95
The Travelers from Nazareth - Handbells
Text by Tamara Raetz.
Kathleen L. Wissinger G-6015 Resounding Faith $4.95
The Sower - Handbells
Kulak's Orchard
Kathleen L. Wissinger G-6149 Resounding Faith $3.95
With All My Heart - Handbells Kathleen L. Wissinger G-6414 Resounding Faith $4.95
Promise - Handbells Kathleen L. Wissinger G-6430 Resounding Faith $4.25
Dedication - Handbells
Multiple options for various levels of this tune for bells. Reproducible hymn included for assembly and/or choir; text by Tamara Raetz
Kathleen L. Wissinger G-5859 Resounding Faith $3.95
When We Gather - Handbells
Unison; Solo
Kathleen L. Wissinger G-6832 Resounding Faith $5.50
All Time and Space - Handbells
Rhapsody in A minor
Kathleen L. Wissinger G-7161 Resounding Faith $5.95
One Great Spirit - Handbells
Kathleen L. Wissinger G-7251 Resounding Faith $5.50