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Build Us a Table
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Lori True
Arr. Paul A. Tate
G-6708 Celebration $2.00
Building a City
unison, assembly
Rory Cooney G-4116 Celebration $2.15
Building for Eternity
SAB; Assembly
Marc Stockert G-8984 Celebration $2.00
Burn Bright Marty Haugen G-2665 Celebration $1.40
Burn Bright
SATB; Assembly
Marty Haugen G-9012 Celebration $2.00
By His Wounds We Were Healed
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
David Haas G-8328 Celebration $2.00
By the Rivers of Babylon
SAB; Assembly
Marty Haugen G-6304 Celebration $1.60
By Your Hand, You Feed Your People
Marty Haugen G-5759 Celebration $1.40
By Your Love
SAB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Jeanne Cotter G-9184 Celebration $2.45
By Your Love - Scrutinies edition
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Jeanne Cotter G-9332 Celebration $2.45
Called by Christ
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
This features a Ruth Duck text, which is especially wonderful for confirmation or adult initiation.
Kate Cuddy G-7168 Celebration $2.15
SATB; Cantor
Liam Lawton / Gary Daigle G-4877 Celebration $1.00
Canticle from the Flames
SATB, cantor
Felix Goebel-Komala G-4414 Celebration $1.30
Canticle of the Sun
Marty Haugen G-2788 Celebration $2.15
Canticle of the Turning | Printed Edition
Unison; SAB
Rory Cooney G-3407 Celebration $2.15
Canticle of the Turning | Download Edition
SAB or Unison
Rory Cooney D-3407 Celebration $2.15
Carol of the Word
Gary Daigle / Rory Cooney G-3408 Celebration $2.25
Castle of the Soul
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Tony Alonso
Arr. Chris de Silva
G-8007 Celebration $2.25
Celebrate the Lord
Steven Janco G-3197 Celebration $0.90
Child of God
Three-part equal; Cantor; Assembly
Paul A. Tate G-9093 Celebration $2.00
Children of God
Two-part mixed; Assembly
Good for Holy Family 2.
Rory Cooney G-6124 Celebration $1.40
Children of the Light
SATB; Solo
Scott Soper G-4616 Celebration $2.00
Choral Refrains from Psalms for the Church Year, Vol. 3 David Haas G-3325A Celebration $2.25
Chosen by God
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
For the Roman Catholic rite of election during the enrollment of names.
Paul Inwood G-6888 Celebration $1.50
Christ among Us
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Based upon the prayer of St. Teresa of Avila.
David Haas G-7165 Celebration $2.00
Christ Be Near at Either Hand
SAB; Assembly
J. Michael Joncas G-7543 Celebration $2.15
Christ Has No Body Now but Yours
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Liam Lawton
Arr. Chris de Silva
G-8009 Celebration $2.35
Christ Is Alive
SAB; Assembly
Text by Brian Wren; alternate text in refrain for use at Communion.
Lori True G-6065 Celebration $2.00
Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna!
A wonderfully vibrant melody characterizes this anthem for either the contemporary ensemble or formal choir.
Bob Moore G-5347 Celebration $2.00
Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna! / I Am the Resurrection
For third scrutiny. Also includes Christ is Risen! Shout Hosanna!"
David Haas G-4870 Celebration $2.00