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Jesus, You Brought Me All the Way
SATB; Solo
A high-energy, rocking gospel processional.

Arr. Kenneth W. Louis
G-6131 AACMS $1.50
John Was a Writer
SATBB; Baritone Solo

Arr. Uzee Brown, Jr.
G-8926 AACMS $2.45
Clayton White G-7949 AACMS $2.45
Just for Me
A Communion Medley

Arr. M. Roger Holland, II
G-6899 AACMS $2.35
Just Jesus
Milan G. Brown, Jr.
Arr. Robert L. Morris
G-7766 AACMS $2.20
King of Kings - Combo Pack
Volumes 1 and 2
G-7677 AACMS $44.00
Late One Night Mary Had a Baby
The Nativity
SATB; Bass Solo
In the style of a spiritual.
Charles Garner G-7048 AACMS $2.20
A bold and spirited SATB a cappella arrangement of a Negro spiritual.
Robert T. Tanner G-5851 AACMS $2.20
Le's Have a Union
SATB divisi
Salone T. Clary G-6246 AACMS $1.70
Lemons on dee Tree
SATB divisi

Arr. Andrew Marshall
G-8143 AACMS $2.45
Let Us Break Bread Together

Arr. David Hurd
G-7297 AACMS $2.20
Lord Will Hear the Just, The / Proclaim God's Marvelous Deeds | Printed Edition
Kenneth W. Louis G-5744 AACMS $2.20
Lord Will Hear the Just, The / Proclaim God's Marvelous Deeds | Download Edition Kenneth W. Louis D-5744 AACMS $2.20
Lord, I Don' Don'
SATB; Baritone Solo

Arr. J. Weldon Norris
G-6677 AACMS $2.20
Lord, I Know I Been Changed
SATB; Tenor Solo; Baritone Solo

Arr. Mark Butler
G-9317 AACMS $2.45
Lord, I Want to Live for Thee
SATB; Solo
Leo Davis, Jr. G-5806 AACMS $1.30
Lord, Make Me an Instrument
M. Roger Holland, II G-5627 AACMS $2.35
Lord, We Give Thanks to Thee
Undine Smith Moore G-6232 AACMS $2.45
Lord, We Thank You for One More Day
Jeffrey Moss G-9127 AACMS $2.35
Lord, Your Word Is a Lamp
This slow traditional gospel piece is scored for SATB voices.
Horace Clarence Boyer G-6779 AACMS $2.20
Low Down Chariot
SATB divisi; Solo

Arr. Uzee Brown, Jr.
G-8609 AACMS $2.35
Many Are the Afflictions
M. Roger Holland, II G-7308 AACMS $1.70
Mary Had a Baby

Arr. Bruce A. Thompson
G-7315 AACMS $2.20
Mary's Canticle
solo, SATB choir
Leon C. Roberts G-3826 AACMS $2.35
Mary's Song
The Annunciation
SATB; Solo
M. Roger Holland, II G-8633 AACMS $2.55
May the Work I've Done Speak for Me
SATB; Soprano Solo; Tenor Solo
Sullivan Pugh
Arr. Colin Lett
G-6417 AACMS $2.20
More Love to Thee
More Love to Thee; O How I Love Jesus; My Jesus, I Love Thee; Is There Anybody Here; My Soul Loves Jesus; More Love to Thee
SATB, soprano solo
Medley of "More Love to Thee," "O How I Love Jesus," "My Jesus, I Love Thee," "Is There Anybody Here," and " My Soul Loves Jesus."

Arr. Joseph Joubert
G-5843 AACMS $2.45
My Eternal King
SATB; Solo
James A. Glover G-6334 AACMS $2.20
My Faith Looks Up to Thee
SATB; Solo
Lowell Mason
Arr. Anwar Ottley
G-9101 AACMS $2.45
My God Is So High
Courtney D. Carey G-5896 AACMS $1.40