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Cross Generation - Accompaniment edition G-7500A $70.00
Cross Generation - CD G-7500CD $149.95
Cross Generation - Guitar / Choir edition G-7500G $24.95
E Haku i Ka Pu'u Wai (Weave One Heart) (Haugen) - MP3 icon-listen

E Haku i Ka Pu'u Wai (Weave One Heart) (Haugen) - Various

Various X-41401 $1.29
Flowers of Joy - CD Pamela Warrick-Smith CD-317 $16.95
Flowers of Joy - Cassette Pamela Warrick-Smith CS-317 $10.95
Flowers of Joy
Arr. Pamela Warrick-Smith
G-4127 Music Collection $9.50
Gate, Gate
Sanskrit Prayer
SAB; Assembly
An ancient Sanskrit mantra chanted by Buddhists throughout the world.
Marc Anderson
Arr. Marty Haugen
G-7108 Celebration $1.30
Gather - Keyboard Edition / Various G-3260A Hymnal $60.00
Gathered for God - CD CD-889 $16.95
Gathered for God - Music Collection G-8274 $18.50
God Is Here - CD David Haas CD-631 $16.95
God Is Here - MP3 Album David Haas X-63100 $12.99
God Is Here - Music Collection
Liturgical Music for the Journey of Reconciliation
David Haas G-6686 $17.50
God of Day And God of Darkness - MP3
Come And Journey (In Concert)
David Haas, Marty Haugen, and Michael Joncas in Concert

God of Day And God of Darkness - Traditional Appalachian

Traditional Appalachian X-17113 $1.29
God of the Ages
SATB; Assembly
Text by Ruth Duck.
Lori True
Arr. Marty Haugen
G-6070 Celebration $1.50
God of the Ages - Handbell edition | Printed Edition Lori True
Arr. Marty Haugen
G-6070HB $12.00
Halle, Halle, Halle | Printed Edition
SATB, cantor, descant
Spirited and lively with minimal preparation.
John L. Bell / Graham Maule G-3961 Celebration $2.00
He Came Down - Guitar edition
Arr. Marty Haugen
G-3808G $5.50
Healer of Our Every Ill - Haugen - MP3 icon-listen

Healer of Our Every Ill - Haugen - Mark Hayes

Mark Hayes X-97103 $1.29
How Can I Keep From Singing? - MP3 Album Jeanne Cotter / David Haas X-30600 $12.99
How Excellent - CD
Volume I
Various CD-377 $16.95
How Excellent - Cassette
Volume I
Various CS-377 $10.95
How Excellent - CD
Volume 2
Various CD-378 $16.95
How Excellent - Cassette
Volume 2
Various CS-378 $10.95
How Excellent, Volume 1 Various G-4628 Music Collection $11.50
How Excellent, Volume 2 Various G-4629 Music Collection $11.50
In the Days to Come - MP3 Album Various / Marc Anderson X-69000 $12.99
La Paz de la Tierra / The Peace of the Earth - Instrument edition | Printed Edition
Arr. Marty Haugen
G-7109INST $9.50
Let My Tongue Be Silenced
SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly
Jeanne Cotter
Arr. Marty Haugen
G-8888 Celebration $2.00

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