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Christ Has Arisen, Alleluia - Handbells
Arr. Patricia H. Hurlbutt
G-9306 Resounding Faith $4.95
Let All Things Now Living - Handbells
Arr. Bob Burroughs
G-9307 Resounding Faith $4.25
Angels We Have Heard on High - Handbells
Arr. Bob Burroughs
G-9308 Resounding Faith $4.25
Lullay, Thou Son of Mary - 5 or 6 oct. edition - Handbells
Arr. Marilyn Shenenberger
G-9328 Resounding Faith $5.50
This Is My Father's World - Handbells
with "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands"

Arr. Linda R. Lamb
G-9411 Resounding Faith $4.95
Poor Wayfaring Stranger - Handbells
Arr. John Atteberry
G-9447 Resounding Faith $5.50
O Holy Night - Handbells Adolphe Adam
Arr. Sandra Eithun
G-6775 Resounding Faith $4.95
I'll Fly Away - Handbells Albert E. Brumley
Arr. Jeffrey Honoré
G-7923 Resounding Faith $5.50
Largo - Handbells
From Symphony No. 9 "From the New World"
Antonin Dvorak
Arr. Valerie Stephenson
G-7002 Resounding Faith $3.95
Trumpet Tune - Handbells Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
Arr. Leonard Bobrowski
G-6634 Resounding Faith $2.95
Psalm 150 - Handbells
Let Everything That Breathes Praise God
Barbara Werner G-7741 Resounding Faith $5.50
Passion Suite - Handbells
Calvary / Were You There? / He Lives
Suite in 3 movements with narration.
Bill F. Ingram G-6399 Resounding Faith $4.95
Gentle Chorale, A - Handbells Bob Burroughs G-6324 Resounding Faith $4.25
Then Jesus Said . . . - Handbells
Suite in Five Movements with Narration from the Gospels
Bob Burroughs G-6398 Resounding Faith $5.95
All Who Hunger - Handbells Bob Moore
Arr. Diane McAninch
G-7924 Resounding Faith $4.95
All Creation, Wake and Sing! - Handbells Bob Moore
Arr. Philip L. Roberts
G-8550 Resounding Faith $5.50
Let All That Hath Breath Praise the Lord - Handbells Brenda E. Austin G-8975 Resounding Faith $4.95
Sunrise Celebration - 4, 5, or 6 oct. edition - Handbells Brian Childers G-6628 Resounding Faith $5.50
Sunrise Celebration - 2 or 3 oct. edition - Handbells Brian Childers G-6629 Resounding Faith $3.95
Sing His Glory, Sing His Praise - Handbells Carl Glaser
Arr. Martha Lynn Thompson
G-7718 Resounding Faith $5.50
Rhythmic Variations on AZMON - Handbells Carl Glaser
Arr. Michael J. Glasgow
G-9204 Resounding Faith $5.50
Lord, You Have Come to the Lakeshore - Handbells Cesareo Gabarain
Arr. William Rose
G-7036 Resounding Faith $4.95
In the Garden - Handbells Charles Austin Miles
Arr. Bill F. Ingram
G-6274 Resounding Faith $4.95
His Eye Is on the Sparrow - Handbells Charles H. Gabriel
Arr. John Atteberry
G-8733 Resounding Faith $5.50
Hosanna! - Handbells Christian Gregor
Arr. Larry Biser
G-8937 Resounding Faith $4.95
For the Beauty of the Earth - Handbells Conrad Kocher
Arr. William Moats
G-7349 Resounding Faith $4.95
For the Beauty of the Earth - Handbells Conrad Kocher
Arr. Brenda E. Austin
G-9123 Resounding Faith $4.95
From the Heart - Handbells
Three Meditations for Two Octaves
Dan R. Edwards G-8514 Resounding Faith $5.50
Night of Silence - 4, 5, or 6 oct. edition - Handbells
Daniel Kantor
Arr. Robert J. Ward
G-6020 Resounding Faith $4.95
Night of Silence - 3 oct. edition - Handbells Daniel Kantor / Franz Gruber
Arr. Robert J. Ward
G-6303 Resounding Faith $4.95