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The Choral Rehearsal - Volume 1: Techniques and Procedures
A Comprehensive Rehearsal Sourcebook
James Jordan G-7128 Evoking Sound $39.95
The Choral Rehearsal - Volume 2: Inward Bound
Philosophy and Score Preparation
James Jordan G-7129 Evoking Sound $39.95
The Choral Warm-Up
Method, Procedures, Planning, and Core Vocal Exercises
James Jordan G-6397 Evoking Sound $39.95
The Choral Warm-Up - Accompaniment CD
Core Vocal Exercieses
James Jordan G-6397CD Evoking Sound $10.00
The Choral Warm-Up - Accompanist Supplement with CD
Core Vocal Exercises
James Jordan / Marilyn Shenenberger G-6397A Evoking Sound $26.95
The Choral Warm-Up: Accompanied Modal Canons - Conductor's edition in Full Score with Teaching Objectives and CD
Aeolian, Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian and Phrygian Modes
James Jordan / Roger Ames G-7145 Evoking Sound $24.95
The Choral Warm-Up: Choral Vocal Technique Sabine Horstmann G-7424 Evoking Sound $24.95
The Choral Warm-Up: Choral Vocal Technique - Accompaniment edition with CDs Sabine Horstmann
Arr. Marilyn Shenenberger
G-7424A Evoking Sound $40.95
The Choral Warm-Up: Core Vocal Exercises for Children's Choir and Treble Voices - High Voice edition James Jordan / Marilyn Shenenberger G-8005 Evoking Sound $25.95
The Choral Warm-Up: Modal Exercises
Aeolian, Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Phrygian
Roger Ames / James Jordan G-6912 Evoking Sound $24.95
The Conductor as Prism
The Power of Metaphor in Artistry
James Jordan G-9533 Evoking Sound $21.95
The Conductor's Gesture
A Practical Application of Rudolf von Laban's Movement Language
James Jordan / Giselle E. Wyers / Meade Andrews G-8096 Evoking Sound $45.00
The Coventry Carol
An English melody.

Arr. Steve Pilkington
G-6102 Evoking Sound $2.20
The Dream
SATB divisi
Colin Britt G-8215 Evoking Sound $2.20
The Dream I Knew
SATB divisi
Thomas LaVoy G-9078 Evoking Sound $2.35
The Erie Canal
Three Appalachian Folk Songs
An appalachian folk song.

Arr. Roger Ames
G-6487 Evoking Sound $1.70
The Good Fence
Blake R. Henson G-8070 Evoking Sound $2.65
The Grass
Michael Larkin G-6323 Evoking Sound $2.20
The Lake Isle of Innisfree
SATB divisi
Thomas LaVoy G-8472 Evoking Sound $2.35
The Musician's Trust James Jordan / James Whitbourn G-8388 Evoking Sound $24.95
The Musician's Walk
An Ethical Labyrinth
James Jordan G-6734 Evoking Sound $38.95
The One and the Many
Anthony J. Maglione G-7407 Evoking Sound $1.95
The Remains
Eunbi Kwak G-9003 Evoking Sound $2.45
The Same Stream
SATB divisi
Thomas LaVoy G-9035 Evoking Sound $2.65
The School Choral Program
Philosophy, Planning, Organizing, and Teaching
James Jordan / Michele Holt G-7180 Evoking Sound $47.00
There Is No Rose
Colin Britt G-8189 Evoking Sound $2.35
They Also Serve
Blake R. Henson G-7345 Evoking Sound $1.95
This Day
Employs effective tone painting.
William A. Payn G-7458 Evoking Sound $2.35
Three Spiritual Songs
Steal Away / City Called Heaven / Balm in Gilead
SATB divisi; Mezzo Soprano Solo; Tenor Solo

Arr. Brandon Waddles
G-8686 Evoking Sound $2.85
Toward Center
The Art of Being for Musicians, Actors, Dancers, and Teachers
James Jordan / Nova Thomas G-7661 Evoking Sound $24.95