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I Will Look to the Hills
Charles Garner G-6338 AACMS $2.20
I Will Sing Praise
Willis Barnett G-6337 AACMS $2.20
I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now
SATB; Soprano Solo; Baritone Solo
Scored for soprano and baritone solos with solid choral harmonies.

Arr. William Barks-Dale
G-6318 AACMS $1.60
I'm Buildin' Me a Home
SATB; Baritone Solo; Alto Solo

Arr. Uzee Brown, Jr.
G-8958 AACMS $2.45
I'm Glad
SATB; Solo
Margaret P. Douroux
Arr. Brandon Waddles
G-9179 AACMS $2.20
I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table

Arr. M. Roger Holland, II
G-9126 AACMS $2.45
I'm Tired, Lord

Arr. Robert L. Morris
G-8102 AACMS $2.00
I'm Troubled in Mind
SATB; Solo

Arr. Brandon Waddles
G-8112 AACMS $2.20
I'm Willing, Lord
SATB; Solo
Emmet S. Dean
Arr. Kenneth W. Louis
G-6130 AACMS $2.20
I've Been in de Storm So Long
SATB; Solo

Arr. H. T. Burleigh
G-7750 AACMS $2.20
I've Seen Him Work
SATB; Solo
Eddie A. Robinson G-7995 AACMS $2.20
If I Faint Not
SATB; Solo
Kevin Johnson / Celeste Johnson G-5635 AACMS $1.40
If My People
Brandon Waddles G-7548 AACMS $2.20
In Christ
Evelyn Simpson-Curenton G-8107 AACMS $2.55
In Due Time
Glenn E. Burleigh G-7951 AACMS $2.35
In the Beginning, God
Frank E. Williams G-5849 AACMS $1.40
In the Word
SATB; Solo
An uplifting proclamation of faith in the word.
Eddie A. Robinson G-7130 AACMS $2.35
Is There a Word from the Lord?
Glenn E. Burleigh G-7755 AACMS $2.35
Is There Anybody Here Who Loves My Jesus?
SATB; Baritone Solo

Arr. Salone T. Clary
G-7321 AACMS $2.20
It Is Well with My Soul
Philip Bliss
Arr. Nathan Carter
G-5868 AACMS $2.45
It Pays to Serve Jesus
SSAATTBB; Tenor Solo
Nathan Carter / Frank C. Huston G-5875 AACMS $2.35
It's Alright within My Soul
SATB; Solo
Sylstea Sledge G-6554 AACMS $1.60
It's My Desire
Freda Pullen Bagley / Horace Clarence Boyer G-5589 AACMS $2.20
It's Time to Make a Change
Jay Terrell / Maurice Watson G-6336 AACMS $1.70
Jesus Is a Rock in a Weary Land

Arr. Glenn E. Burleigh
G-7754 AACMS $2.35
Jesus Is the King
Glenn E. Burleigh G-7756 AACMS $2.55
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley
SATB divisi; Baritone Solo

Arr. Stanley T. Thurston
G-8109 AACMS $2.20
Jesus, Keep Me near the Cross
William Howard Doane
Arr. Michael McElroy
G-9064 AACMS $2.45
Jesus, Lay Yo' Head in de Winda'
SATB; Soprano Solo; Tenor Solo

Arr. Joseph Joubert
G-6332 AACMS $2.35
Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me
Lark N. Ball G-8835 AACMS $2.20