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Solemnities of the Lord during the Seasons of the Year—Alleluia and Verses (Gospel Acclamation)
Cantor, assembly
John Schiavone G-2499 Cantor/Cong $2.50
Genesis Reading for the Great Vigil | Download Edition
Cantor, reader, optional SATB
A musical setting of the Genesis I reading at the Great Vigil for Cantor with Congregational refrain. A separate choral harmony edition of the refrain is available in G-5018C. A Flute part is available with G-5018INST.
Rory Cooney / The Dameans D-5018 Cantor/Cong $5.75
Rite of Sprinkling—Springs of Water
Song for the Rite of Sprinkling
Cantor, assembly
Donald Fellows G-3639 Cantor/Cong $5.25
Your Ways Are Love and Truth
Psalm 25
Cantor, assembly
Carl Johengen G-3996 Cantor/Cong $3.50
Lord, Send Out Your Spirit
Psalm for Pentecost
Cantor; Assembly
Paul Gibson G-3878 Cantor/Cong $3.00
May Your Faithful Love Be upon Us
Psalm 33
Cantor, assembly
Thomas J. Porter G-3356 Cantor/Cong $4.75
In the Shadow of Your Wings
Psalm 63:2–6
Cantor, assembly
Bob Moore G-3857 Cantor/Cong $3.50
Psalm 141: Only Empty Cries
Cantor, assembly
Rory Cooney G-4114 Cantor/Cong $3.50
How Happy Are They: Psalm 84
James Chepponis G-5132 Cantor/Cong $4.00
Fraction Rite: Agnus Dei
Lamb of God from No Greater Love
Cantor, assembly
J. Michael Joncas G-3247 Cantor/Cong $3.00
We Are Your Believers
Cantor, assembly
John Towner G-3299 Cantor/Cong $3.00
Litany to Jesus Christ
Unison with descant; Cantor
Paul Inwood G-5535 Cantor/Cong $3.50
Psalm 121 - The Lord Will Keep You
Psalm for Evening Prayer from the Order of Christian Funerals
Cantor, assembly
Richard Proulx G-3637 Cantor/Cong $3.50
Litany of the Holy Spirit
Cantor; Assembly
Paul Gibson / Carol Romanoski-Gibson G-3880 Cantor/Cong $3.50
Creator, Reshape My Heart
Cantor, assembly
Francis Patrick O'Brien G-3776 Cantor/Cong $4.50
Psalm 29: O Give the Lord, You Children of God
O Give the Lord, You chdrn of God
Cantor, assembly
James Chepponis G-3400 Cantor/Cong $4.50
Psalm 134: In the Silent Hours of Night
In the Silent Hours of Night
Cantor, assembly
G-3377 Cantor/Cong $3.00
The Creation Story
Scored for two cantors, narrator, and assembly.
G-4921 Cantor/Cong $5.50
Genesis: A Reading for the Easter Vigil
Cantor; Assembly
A creative and exciting organ and synthesizer accompaniment to the lector's reading of this Scripture.
Edward Nowak G-3128 Cantor/Cong $4.50

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