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Psalm 84
Suzanne Toolan G-1695 Choral $0.25
Psalm 84: How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place
Richard Proulx G-5721 Choral $2.00
Psalm 89
SATB; Cantor; Baritone Solo; Soprano Solo; Assembly
Michel Guimont G-7978 Choral $2.00
Psalm 91
Three-part equal; Three-part mixed
Glenn Wonacott G-7392 Choral $1.80
Psalm 96: O Sing a New Song
SATB, cantor, assembly
Refrains and verses included for Ordinary Time and Christmas Midnight.
Charles Renick G-4803 Choral $1.40
Psalm 98: Sing to the Lord
Sing to the Lord
John Eggert G-3252 Choral $0.80
Psalm for Advent
Psalm 25
Unison or 2 equal or mixed voices
John Karl Hirten G-3533 Choral $0.90
Psalm for Christmas
Psalm (97)98 "All the Ends of the Earth"
SA/TB/SB/solo; unison
C. Alexander Peloquin G-1655 Choral $1.00
Psalm for Easter
Psalm (117)118 "This Is the Day"
SATB/solo; unison
C. Alexander Peloquin G-1660 Choral $1.40
Psalm for Easter Day
This is the Day
SATB; Cantor
“This is the day” set to the beloved Easter tune o filii et filiae .
Richard Proulx G-5383 Choral $2.00
Psalm for Holy Week
Psalm (21)22 "My God, My God"
SATB/solo; unison
C. Alexander Peloquin G-1658 Choral $2.00
Psalm for Pentecost
SATB; Cantor
Ralph C. Verdi G-3057 Choral $0.80
Psalm III for the Year
Psalm (99)100 "We Are His People"
SATB/solo; unison
C. Alexander Peloquin G-1665 Choral $1.10
Psalm Song
G-2305 Choral $2.00
Psalm Suite
Michael Pavone G-2492 Choral $0.90
Psalms for Ringing and Singing
Seasonal Psalms for Advent and Christmas
Unison with descant; Assembly
Michael Pavone G-9215 Choral $2.25
Put Peace into Each Other's Hands
SATB; Assembly
Great tune, great text, easy learn.
David W. Music G-6580 Choral $1.50
Regina Caeli
SATB divisi
Iain Quinn G-8320 Choral $2.00
Rejoice in God! Again, Rejoice!
Concertato on AGAIN, REJOICE!
SATB; Assembly
Marty Haugen G-8848 Choral $2.15
Rejoice in God's Saints
James Biery G-8617 Choral $2.35
Rejoice in the Lord Always
Hal H. Hopson G-3323 Choral $0.80
Rejoice in the Lord Always
2 or 3 mixed voices
Joel Martinson G-4450 Choral $2.00
Rejoice! The Lord Is King!
Glenn Wonacott G-6749 Choral $1.75
Rejoice, Jerusalem!
SATB; Assembly
Thomas Gouin G-6385 Choral $1.80
Rejoice, Mankind, Alleluia
Joseph Roff G-2257 Choral $2.00
Rejoice, O Church
Robert E. Kreutz / Robert Hovda G-3832 Choral $1.00
Rejoice, Rejoice, Alleluia
Joseph Roff G-4449 Choral $2.00
Rejoice, the Lord Is King! | Printed Edition
SATB; Adults with children
John Darwall
Arr. Alice Parker
G-6256 Choral $1.75
Rejoice, the Lord Is King! | Download Edition John Darwall D-6256 Choral $1.75
Rejoice, You Pure in Heart
Concertato on MARION
SATB; Assembly
Arthur Henry Messiter
Arr. Carlton R. Young
G-9044 Choral $2.00